Tunde Ednut blocks Mr Macaroni

Tunde Ednut block Mr Macaroni on Instagram [ SEE WHY ]

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Yes, Tunde Ednut is back and he didn’t leave his blocking lifestyle behind as he starts with Mr Macaroni in the celebrity list

The two had no issues before Tunde Ednut dismiss, but unfortunately an issue has to start after Mr Marcaroni gave Tunde an advice.

Mr Marcaroni was one of the first person’s to welcome the instagram Entertainer with a shoutout video which TundeEdnut reposted.

However, after the misunderstanding, the both parties took down the video from their accounts.

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MrMarcaroni’s advice which caused the dispute was him telling Tunde to be nicer to people.

In his words :

“Treat people more nicely”

This didn’t go down well with Tunde who went on to block him instead.

Tunde Ednut blocks Mr Macaroni

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