Sound Sultan forsaw his death weeks ago [SEE PROOF]

Sound Sultan

Sound Sultan died on July 11 2021 and we have proof that he knew he about his death weeks ago

The Nigerian Veteran singer, rapper, comedian and actor “Sound Sultan” battled with cancer for a while before he finally gave up the ghost.

However, weeks before Sultan died, he let us know he was leaving but unfortunately, we didn’t get the code.

Proof 1 :

Sound Sultan posted Nigerian singer’s (Burna Boy) picture wishing him happy birthday weeks before the date and actor “Mofe Damijo” 3 days before his birthday.

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Proof 2 :

Sultan posted a picture of himself which he captioned with

“This is where I wanna be, right here with my music”

Tagging @natedoggmusic who’s actually late.

Sound Sultan death

Proof 3 :

SoundSultan last post on Instagram is a video from Patoranking’s song which says “Celebrate me, now wey I dey alive”.