• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

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Cristiano Ronaldo reveals he will have a hair transplant on himself

Cristiano Ronaldo reveals he will have a hair transplant on himself

Portugal international Cristiano Ronaldo has made it known that he would have a hair transplant in future should conditions demand he gets one.

The Juventus star is set to open a hair transplant center in Madrid and his partner Georgina Rodriguez will be one of the managers.

Opening ceremony of the hair transplant center is on March 18 in Madrid in which 150 professionals will be employed to work in the 18-room edifice.

And while speaking ahead of the opening ceremony, Cristiano Ronaldo explained that he chose Madrid as the center because of how the city made a mark in his life.

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“Madrid is the city which made a mark on my life forever from a professional and emotional point of view.

“I developed an important part of my career there and it’s also where I built my family. ‘

‘I like to support entrepreneurial projects with solid features to spread the best of what we have in Portugal throughout the world,”.

When asked if he’d ever get a hair transplant himself, he added: “When I think it’s necessary, of course I’ll do it.

One’s image is an essential tool for being successful.

For me it’s fundamental,”. Ronaldo told Spanish newspaper ABC. Earlier,

Also, Recently Cristiano Ronaldo told Juventus’ chiefs to give him three more bodyguards for himself and his family in Italy.

The superstar is reportedly concerned about the safety of himself and his family as he has been swarmed by fans since his move to Turin from Real Madrid.

One of these three men will be monitoring his house in the Gran Madre Park, while the other two guards will be looking after him and his family.

Cristiano Ronaldo reveals he will have a hair transplant on himself


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