Portable Zazoo Speaks on Journey To Stardom [FULL INTERVEIW]

Portable Omolalomi interview

In a recent interview, Habeeb Okikiola, better known as Portable Omolalomi , Zazoo crooner talks about his musical path.

The “Zaazu Zehh” singer has been a media sensation since his hit song Zazuu Zeh, which he co-wrote with Olamide, was released in December 2021.

In a recent podcast interview with rap musician Jahbless, the artiste stated that he is not as everyone perceives him.

“Music na business,” he added, “you have to fight for your rights, and you have to use your head.”

The emerging star says he grew up in Abuja and has been in the music industry for over ten years, with over 400 tracks online.

He also stated that no one assisted him in becoming famous. Portable also stated that the popular song Zazu Zeh is his, but that other artists are attempting to claim the music.


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“E dey always want to create I dey package, and no be so I be, no be him blow me na God,” he stated when questioned about the recent changes with his former promoter Kogbagidi.

Olamide, a prominent Nigerian artist, has also been a blessing to him, according to the singer.

“Na Baddo sponsor me, na him pay for my video, in fact, na him pay for everything,” he continued.

Watch interview video below :

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