P-Square reconciles on birth month – Celebrate birthday together

P-Square reconciles

Famous Nigerian most loved Duo P-Square finally reconciles

It’s been a long time coming and has been expected to happen years before now.

For over 5 years, the two went solo, releasing music and album as independent artistes, with Peter becoming “Mr. P” and Paul “Rudeboy” .

Things has however been working fine for them individually but as we would say in pidgin English, “If no be PSquare, we no want” .

P-Square back

Everything is fine now with them, no more beef as they hangout and celebrate together for their Birthday unlike other years that they celebrate alone.


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When their fight happened, they unfollowed each other on instagram and other platforms but they’ve now followed themselves back.

P-Square reconciles P-Square reconciles

Celebrating their birthday, they both posted the same picture of them and tagging the other.

Going further, Paul (Rude boy) Post the picture again with caption saying fans should send money to PSquare’s account so as to prove to Davido that two heads are better than one.

Therefore, challenging Davido on his challenge, well let’s see who wins.

Meanwhile, see screenshots below :

P-Square reconciles P-Square reconciles

P-Square account number

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