Oladipupo Caze calls out JoshkingAlaafin for saying Audiomack spoilt business for bloggers

Oladipupo Caze JoshkingAlaafin

In a recent post, Oladipupo Caze refused to agree with JoshkingAlaafin as he called him out for it

“One thing is to upload your song on Audiomack, another thing is to deh stream am by yourself” – Caze wrote.

Elaborating more, Oladipupo Caze said they’ve been free sources even before Audiomack, adding the Artists are not ready.

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However, reacting to this, Joshking said Artists pay bloggers before not now.

See screenshots of their exchanges below:

Oladipupo Caze JoshkingAlaafin

Oladipupo Caze JoshkingAlaafin

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