New Story : The MatchMaker Episode 1 – 10



💯👅The matchmaker

👀Looking for a suitor🤵🏿👰🏿

Genre: Romance comedy❤️🤣


💘💘💘 💘💘💘


Ariyike, a beautiful lady, smart, intelligent and very successful in her carrer. She is popularly known as the matchmaker, she has matched a lot of people together which eventually results to a happy marriage. But as the saying goes you can’t have it all, she is clocking 30 soon but yet, no boyfriend or fiancé. Which has been a source of sorrow to her mother, so her mom gave her so time to bring home a man or else she’ll disown her.

Seye, a billionaire, not really that handsome. As a tradition in his family, a male must not be 30 before he gets married but seye seems not ready for marriage because he doesn’t believe true love exists but what happens when his family, especially his uncle is forcing him to get married or he will chose a random girl for him. Seye who didn’t want that asked for a month to go on a search for a lady. He heard about a popular matchmaker from his friends and decided to try it disguised as a normal, average guy.

Will he find true love?

What about Ariyike, will she find a suitable man?

You don’t want to miss it.


👊Fight for love💞

🙈Opposite Attraction🙊

👼🏻⚜️He is a saint, she is crazy💇🏿‍♀️

Genre: Romance, betrayal.



💞💞💞💞 💞💞


What happened when two cousin fight for a girl.

Aishat, a crazy girl, playgirl to be precise, beautiful but crazy happens to fall in love with a guy in her area who also attends her school.

But what happens when the guy doesn’t like a girl like her. And the worst part is that the guy is a f**king saint, a playgirl fell in love with a saint.

Seyi, a saint who also believes that he will fall in love with a saint like him, but always get disappointed. That mindset changes when he meets Aishat, what worst could happen than your favourite cousin who is also like your friend falls in love with the crazy girl who has been after your heart🤦🏿‍♂️.

What is going to happen?

Will seyi give up Aishat for his cousin?

Extract from the story

I get you to love me, must I make you fight for my love.

You don’t want to miss it.

🤱🏾His Baby Mama🤰

🌃A Night Changes It All🌌

🔞🔞🔞 🔞🔞🔞


Jeremiah’s life changes when his worst dreams came to pass. Who won’t freak out when the girl you had a one night stand with becomes your baby mama.

The worst part is you have a girlfriend, who is really nuts.

One woman in a man’s life is said to be trouble, but now two women?

A war zone.

Hmm, you really don’t want to miss this story.

Believe me.

Extract from the story⚜️

I can’t live with that bitch, it is either me or her. Or else we both die.


🤴🏻 The

🏹 A tricky love 💞

A traditional Korean setting 🇰🇷



Jang Geun Young, a slave faces a cruel fate when her twin sister Jang Geun Suk was killed by her masters for having an affairs with their son, the same thing happened to her mom, killed by her masters because she stole foods for her children.

The Kang family are the most powerful family in joseon, they are cruel and greedy. They treat their slaves like dog.

Jang Geun young seek for revenge, but how can a common slave seek for revenge on a Noble.

But that changes when she find out the only person who can take down the kang family is the next king(the crown prince) and her only way of getting revenge is becoming the king’s woman.

Will she succeed in her plans?

Will the king even like her?

Will she become his woman?



The matchmaker👅💯

👀Looking for a suitor

Genre: Romance comedy ❤️

First impression👀👌🏾

💘💘💘 💘💘💘

💦 Chapter one💦

🤷🏿‍♀️Ariyike pov🤷🏿‍♀️

“Thanks so much, because of you I have this beautiful woman in my life, am really grateful” Mr James expressed his gratitude holding his wife hand, I felt jealous.

“It is nothing” I said with a fake smile.

“We will get going then” he said and stood up with his wife and exited my office.

My name is Ariyike Adisa, aged 30, beautiful but for nothing. I’m the owner of Ariyike matchmaking agency, from a young age I have always had the gift of matching people together, after obtaining my university degree I spent 2 years unemployed. So I started working as a matchmaker, matching people together.

It is just a pity that I always match people up but I can’t find a suitor myself.

I have never had a serious relationship before, and I’ve my had my fair share of bad breakups and cheating boyfriends.

My situation has become disheartening for both me and my mom.

I will be clocking 30 soon but I have no boyfriend not to talk of fiance.

People come to me for help but they never knew I was the one in need of help.

I picked my bag and head out of my office.

“You are going home already” shade my secretary asked.

“Yes dear, finish with what you are doing and go home straight. Don’t go to your boyfriend’s place” I said and she smiled.

“Copy boss” she said and I head out.

I went to the car park, open my car door and entered. I braced my head on the steering, will I ever find a perfect suitor?

🕺🏿Seye pov🕺🏿

“How can you be so clumsy at everything? Do I always have to point out your mistakes?”

“Can you for once? Just once be perfect,uhn?” I shout at Bimpe my secretary.

“Am sorry sir” she apologized shaking in fears.

“Get out of my office!” I yelled at her and loose my tie a bit as she left.

Today has just been messy, my uncle threatened me to bring a girl home or he’ll chose a random girl for me.

Shit, this is so frustrating.

My name is Seye Oludare, the owner of Dare company, a billionaire.

I won’t say am that handsome but at least am not bad looking and most importantly am smart and I don’t believe in the word called love.

Well I have never experienced one, but I know the word love is hopeless, I know because I have seen one.

My problem now is the so called tradition in our family. It is very important that a male must get married before he reach 30, and am clocking 30 soon but I ain’t ready for any marriage.

But that seems difficult because of my uncle, who has insisted that I must get married or he’ll pick a girl for me. Knowing fully well that idea won’t favour me, I was given a month to look for a bride.

Am completely pissed off, staying in this office piss me off more.

I need a drink, just get myself high and forget about these whole stuff.

I picked my phone and dialed my friend Tim’s number.

“Hey man” he picked at first ring.

“I need a drink, come with the usual” I said knowing he got what I said.

“Ok man” he said understanding what I meant.

“Same location right?” He asked.

“Yea, my place” I said and hung up.

🏠Seye’s place🏠

“So you mean your uncle gave you a month to look for a bride?” Tim asked with a chuckle.

“I know guy, is it a sin to stay single for the rest of my days?” I asked as I smoked a blunt of weed.

Not a big fan but I smoke sometimes, when needed especially when I’m stressed.

“So what are you going to do now?” He asked.

“Believe me, I don’t know” I said and drank some alcohol.

“What if I have a perfect idea?” He said with a crooked smile.

🤷🏿‍♀️Ariyike pov

I got home, stepped out of the car.

“Ariyike the matchmaker” My mom’s friend greeted me as she came out of my house.

“How are you doing ma?” I asked.

“Am good, thank you so much for my son’s marriage” she said.

“It is nothing ma” I said.

“Hmm but Ariyike you aren’t getting younger” she said, I already know where this is going to.

“The last wedding I had, was my last child’s wedding and you are five years older when exactly are you getting married?” She asked.

“Or are you not going to get married?” She asked in a mocking way.

“Your beautiful will vanish one day, the only thing that will be left is a empty vessel, so when exactly are you getting married?” She said which hurt me.

“Thanks ma, if you’ll excuse me” I said and entered the house.

“Mama” I said as I saw my mom in front of me.

“Why can’t you answer her? When exactly are you getting married? Why do you keep disgracing me? Is it my fault that you are the only one I gave birth to?!” She yelled.

“Mama take it easy, it is not like it is my fault for my lack of suitors, and mama being single is what is trending nowadays” I said trying to convince her.

“Now I can see where you are going to, but I won’t allow you, before you ruin my life I will disown you” she said.


“Don’t you dare, am no longer your mom if you want your mom then you’ll get married” she said and entered her room.

God pls help me, it is not like I don’t wish to get married. I also want a man, I want a man to call me his but what can I do if no man wants me. Will I force myself on them?

I also want a suitor.

🕺🏿Seye pov🕺🏿

“A matchmaker?” I asked.

“Yes, she is the best. That has been her profession for four years now and all the people matched up by her always result in a happy marriage” He said.

“Are you sure she is good?” I asked with a hint of doubt.

“Come on man, you should trust me. She was recommended to me by my sister to look for a bride” he said.

Well his sister has a happy marriage so I think I’ll try it.

“Ok” I said “but make sure not to tell her about my identity.”

“Am going in a disguise” I said.

“Why?” He asked raising his eyebrows.

“You know girls, if they find out how rich you are. They will always rush you, they only care about money” I said with disgust.

“Hmm, you are right. I will call her office and book for an appointment to know when we can go” He said and picked his phone.

“Uhm a matchmaker” I said and sipped my wine.

Let see how this goes.

🌺🌺A Week later🌺🌺

🤷🏿‍♀️Ariyike pov

“Mama, am off to work” I said to her who was sitting on the chair watching TV but got no reply.

“Mama, are we still at this?” I asked still no reply.

“Mama” I called but she hissed and went in.

This is how me and mama has been for the past one week. If I greet her, she won’t respond.

“If only I could find a suitor for myself but what can I do where there is no man” I said sobbing.

I got out the house and head to my car.

The gateman opened the gate and I drove out, to my office.

“Good morning ma” shade greeted me.

“Morning dear” I said and faked a smile.

“Do I have any client waiting for me?” I asked.

“Yes, two guys” she said.

“Ok thanks,” I said and entered.

“Good morning” I said to the guys seated. One dressed in suit while the other dressed in a casual wear.

The one in suit stood up and shake my hand while the one in casual wear ignored me even when I offered a handshake.

‘So rude’ I thought.

“Please have your seat” I said to the guy and also sit down.

“So how may I help?” I asked.

“Well, we submitted our files” he said pointing to the files on my table.

I opened it, “Mr Seye Dare?” I asked. That name rings a bell, just not sure.

“He is the one” the one in suit said referring to the rude guy who hasn’t said a word.

“May I ask, Mr Seye what kind of woman do you want?” I asked him but he said nothing.

“He likes plump girls, beautiful ones” the other guy said.

“Well Mr….” I said to the guy who has been talking.

“Mr Tim” he said.

“Am sorry Mr Tim but I wasn’t talking to you, I will like him to answer” I said getting pissed off.

“Seye?” he called.

“Just as my friend said that is exactly what I like” he said filled with arrogance which was pissing me off.

“When matching people up, the first impression with me matters, for me to see if they can make a good couple, Am sorry Mr Seye Dare but I can’t find you a bride” I said with a smirk while both friends looked at me surprised.

“What?” He asked.

“You heard me right, arrogant idiot, I can’t find you a bride” I said while he furrowed his eye brow.




👅The Matchmaker

👀Looking for a suitor 🤵🏿👰🏿
Genre: Romance comedy ❤️

The arrogant idiot is the guy at the back🙅🏿‍♀️

💘💘💘 💘💘💘

💦 Chapter two💦

Ariyike pov

“You heard me right arrogant idiot, I can’t find you a bride” I repeat while he furrowed his eyebrow.

“What did you just call me?” He asked still filled with his stupid pride.

“Is there something wrong with your ears, seems you need a serious surgery. I want you to leave now before I call the security on you” I said while he scoffed in surprise.

“Let just leave” the guy called Tim said.

“Come on” he said and they both stood up.

“You will surely regret your words” he said before he took his stupid self out of my office.

“Crazy idiot” I cursed.

🕺🏿Seye pov🕺🏿

“I have never been ridiculed like this in my life and that bitch just insulted me, I swear I will make that bitch pay” I spat out infuriated.

“This is all your fault, you acted rude to her. So of course she’ll act according to your actions towards her” Tim said.

“Because of you, I didn’t get to collect her number” he said while I looked at him surprised.

“Your best friend got insulted and that is all you could say?” I asked.

“Just because you want to stay single, doesn’t mean I should” he defend himself while I scoffed.

“Whatever, what are we going to do now? I need to get a bride within a month”

“If you know, why were you rude to her?”

“I just don’t…. I just had creepy feeling when I heard her voice. Tim help your guy now, all I have left is a month” I said.

“I will see what I can do” he said.

“Thanks man, what about the house?” I asked.

“Don’t worry, I have already paid the woman and she wants you to move in today” he said putting his hand in his pocket.

“Thanks man” I said excited.

Am definitely going to make that bitch regret today.

👁️Unknown pov👁️

“Here, take” Mr Akin said and gave me an envelope.

That is everything you need to know about your next target.

I opened it and brought out a pic and some files.

“Seun Oludare?” I said and licked my lips.

A new prey.

“The hard part is that he doesn’t believe in the word love” Mr Akin said.

“You seems to be forgetting something, I have dealt with countless men like him. And also who won’t fall for a girl like me, just don’t worry I will deal with him” I said and smiled.

“From what I got from my subordinates, he is desperate for a bride. That is where you come in, we’ll set up your meet then you know what you to do after that” he said nervously.

“Why are you nervous? This is not our first job, he is not our first victim” he said.

“I don’t know, I just have a bad feeling about him” he said.

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen. We will take all his wealth and leave him penniless just like the rest” I ensured him smiling.

Seye oludare.

🕺🏿Seye pov🕺🏿

My phone rings, looked at the caller. It was Tim.

“Hey” I said as I picked his call.

“How are things going with your landlord?” He asked.

“Good, she is nice. We talked a lot, she thinks I will make a perfect suitor for her single daughter” I said and lay on the chair.

“How about you and the matchmaker?” I asked disgusted.

“I don’t know man, she said she will only accept you if you come to apologize yourself” he said.

“For what? I did nothing” I said.

“Well that doesn’t matter to her, the worst part is that she didn’t give me her number saying birds of a feather flock together” he said.

“Sorry guy” I said in a mocking way and heard a knock on my door.

I checked the window to see who it was and was surprised at what I saw.

“Guy, you won’t believe this” I said and grinned.

“What?” He asked.

“A bird just fell on my roof” I said and smirked.

“Bird, witchcraft?” he said stupidly.

“Whatever, I’ll call you later” I said shaking my head and hung up.

I went to the door and opened it.

“You?!” she said as her eyes widened in surprise.

“Nice meeting you again” I said and smirked.

Ariyike pov

“Mom, am back” I said and collapsed on the chair tired.

“You are back?” she said excited.

Ok, that is good sign.

She was with some set of clothes, probably not her size, it looks like mine.

“What do you think about this?” She asked referring to a short purple gown.

“Great, but who is wearing this?” I asked.

“You, of course” she said.

“But I don’t think this is seductive enough, let’s go with his revealing tank top and this mini short” she said.

“Why will I wear that?” I asked.

“Because my dear, I found a suitor for you” she said.


“You know I told you that am renting out the room in the back” she said.

“Yea, the room that was built seperately from the house” I said.

“Well, I found a tenant. He moved in today, we spoke at length, he is nice, sweet, handsome and bright” she said.

“Mom, how did you know?” I asked.

“That doesn’t matter, what matters now is that he is also single and he is looking for a bride” she said.

“So?” I asked knowing where she is going to.

“Well, you are single which makes everything perfect. Now go in, shower, change into this sexy clothes” she said referring to the tank top and mini short.

“And go and call him for dinner” she said and giggled.

“No mom, please stop when it is time I will find my own suitor. I don’t need this” I protest.

“When exactly? When exactly will that be, you are going to be 30 in a couple of months when exactly will you get married? When exactly will I carry my grandchild? When?” She cries out.

“Just do this for me, let just try this once pls” she pleaded.

“Ok” I sighed.

“I will do it for you” I said.

“Really?” She asked while I nod.

“Yes mama” I said.

“Thank you my dear, your child will also listen to you” she said.

“It is ok” I stood up and went to shower, put on the clothes she picked and went to the room in the back.

Knocking on the door nervously.

The door open revealing the last person I want to meet today.

“You?!” I said.

“Nice meeting you again” the fool said.

That was when it occured to me, the arrogant idiot is the suitor my mom was talking about.

The arrogant idiot is the guy at the back.





The matchmaker

👀Looking for a suitor 🤵🏿👰🏿

Genre: Romance comedy

😱Marry me💍

💘💘💘 💘💘💘

💦 Chapter three💦

Ariyike pov

“You?!” I said.

“Nice meeting you again” the fool said.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“What do you mean? I live here. The question is what are you doing here?” She asked.

“Ariyike!” my mom called as she approached us.

“Mr Seye, how are you?” She asked smiling at the idiot.

“Am fine ma” he said politely which surprised me.

“This is Ariyike, the one I told you about. My daughter” she said.

“Oh, I must say your daughter is quite beautiful, just like you” he said which surprised me. Is he the same guy that came to my office, why is he acting nice.

“Thank you so much, I asked her to call you for dinner. Why don’t you join us?” My mom asked, I was expecting him to decline.

“Of course ma, I will love that” he said while I glared at him.

“Ok, let me go and serve it” my mom said and left.

Was I wrong about him.

He seems so respectful.

Should I apologize?

“Hmm….” I was about to talk but got interrupted by him.

“Don’t get the wrong idea, you aren’t beautiful at all. There is no difference between you and a pig, no a pig is much better” he said.

I was wrong, he is a total jerk.

A crazy stupid one.

“Mr Seye, food is ready” my mom hollered.

“Ok ma” he shout back.

“Out of my way” he said and pushed me to the ground.

“Hey, you this lunatic” I shout.

“Don’t tell me you are frustrated already, this is just the beginning” he said and walked away.

“That son of a goat” I groaned.

👁️Dolapo pov👁️

“This is where you two are going to meet, Cross club.”

“He and his friends usually visit that club every Friday.”

“That is the most appropriate place for both of you to meet, according to my sources. He doesn’t believe in love but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t respect women and he hates men that assaults women more than anything.”

“At the club, we are going to set up a guy to assult you then Seye will save you, you get his contact then my job is done.”

“Am sure you know how to make him fall into your trap” he said.

“Of course, just leave that to me” I said.

“This is the new identity you will use,” he said and hands over to me a document.

“Your name there will be Tosin Paul. Age 28, an orphan, the owner of Paul’s boutique.”

“Everything is there, I hope you don’t mess this up” he said.

“Don’t worry, I won’t” I said.

Seye, here I come.

🕺🏼Seye pov🕺🏼

(At cross bar)

“So you mean you live together with her?” Tim asked.


“We live together” I said and crossed my leg.

“Wow, I wish I was the one living with her” he said in a sad tone.

Jeez, this guy and girls.

“So what are your plans?” He asked.

“Plans?” I asked.

“Yes, you have to convince her to find you a bride” he said while I smirked.

“Don’t worry, I don’t have to stress myself at all”

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“Don’t worry, you won’t understand” I said and sipped on my drink.

“Leave me alone!” we heard a female voice which caught my attention and I turned.

“Come on, let’s have fun together” the guy said assaulting the lady.

“What a jerk!”

“I said leave me alone” she said and pushed him while he slapped her.

“That bastard” I said angry and approached them.

“Let go of the lady” I said with a stern voice.

“And if I don’t” he said and let go of the lady facing me.

“What are you going to do, If I don’t?” he asked.

I clenched my fist and punched him hard as he fell to the floor stunned, while he looked at me with fear written on his ugly face.

“Get lost!” I ordered and he ran out of the club.

“Thank you so much” the lady said.

“It is ok” I said about to leave.

“Wait,” she said.

“What?” I asked.

“Can you give me your number? At least your name” she said smiling.

“Am sorry but I can’t, if you’ll excuse me” I said and head over to Tim.

“What did she say?” He asked.

“Nothing important” I said.
🌺🌺Ariyike’s house🌺🌺

I got to my rented apartment,and saw Ariyike by the door, I know her name now.

She was in a black jean pant and white lace fashion top.

Looking beautiful, but just because I compliment her doesn’t mean I like her.

“You are back, my mom want you to have dinner at our place” she said heading back but I held her hand.

Let’s play some trick on her, shall we?

Ariyike pov

He held me back, pulling me closer, making our chest meet while my heart beat fast.

Our face few inches apart.

“You look beautiful,” he said while my face heat up.

What is going on?

“Have been thinking about this, I know I might be a jerk sometimes but I can’t hide this anymore.”

“It’s been just a few days since we met but it’s feel like I have known you forever” he said.

“I want you to marry me” he said.

“Marry me” he said and my heart fluttered.

Why did my heart flutter?

Is he serious?

Did I find myself a suitor already?

Is he in love with me?





The matchmaker

👀Looking for a suitor 🤵🏿👰🏿

Genre: Romance comedy

😁Getting close🤲

💘💘💘 💘💘💘

💦 Chapter four💦

Ariyike pov

“Marry me” he said and my heart fluttered.

Why did my heart fluttered?

Is he serious?

Did I find myself a suitor already?

Is he in love with me?

Those are the question in my head.

Suddenly he let go of me and laughed. “what is funny?” I asked Clueless.

“You should have seen the look on your face.”

“Don’t tell me that you just prank me?” I asked hurt.

“Yes and your look was priceless” he said laughing more.

‘How could I have believed that jerk, for once I really thought he was serious but I was wrong that bastard was just pranking me’ I thought sobbing.

“It must be fun for you, how could you play with people’s feelings like that. You are a total jerk” I said and went in.

“You are worst than an animal” I said and went in.

That bastard just gave me hope but he took it away from me.

Hope that I might find a suitor.

🕺🏼Seye pov🕺🏼

What did I do? It was only a prank.

I mean she didn’t expect me to like her, she seems hurt.

Did I hurt her?

‘Seye, you are such a idiot when did you become a woman bully’ I thought hitting my head.

I didn’t mean to hurt her that much, but I end up hurting her.

Should I apologize?

Why will I?

I did nothing wrong right?

Why do I feel guilt?

👁️Dolape pov👁️

“So you mean he didn’t give you his number?” Mr Akin asked.

“Yes, he is the first guy to reject me” I illustrated.

“That’s bad, so what are you going to do now?” Mr Tim asked.

“Am going to meet him again, this time I’ll grab on to him like dog to a bone”I said smirking.

🌅The next morning🌄

🕺🏼James pov🕺🏼

I woke up as early as I could and want out, hoping to see Ariyike before she leaves and luckily I did.

“Ariyike,” I called and she turned.

She looked at me with a cold eye and entered her car leaving the compound.

I totally messed up last night.

Am such a fool.


I waited for her to come back from work.

I need to apologize for what I did.

I looked at the rose flower in my hand, I hope it works.

I sat on the entrance to their house.

Waiting, and waiting till I dosed off.

“What are you doing here?” I heard a cold voice which woke me up.

Ariyike pov

I arrived home late, there were a lot of clients today.

I got out of the car.

“Ma’am, you are back” the gateman said.

“Yes” I said.

“Oga renter has been waiting for you” he said while I saw Seye sleeping on the floor.

“He has been there more than an hour” he said.

“Thanks” I said and walked to where he was.

“What are you doing here?” I asked almost like a shout.

He quickly stood up, turning around still sleepy.

I couldn’t help but to laugh.

He finally turned to me.

“Uhn” he said embarrassed.

“What are you doing here?” I asked trying to control my laughter.

“Hmm, I want to apologize for my actions yesterday. It was stupid and foolish, I should have ever done that.”

“Am extremely sorry” he said which melt my heart.

“I want to give you this rose flower” he said but I saw nothing.

Is it another prank?

“Where is the flower?” He asked looking around.

I turned around and saw a goat my mom breeds eating the flower.

“You meant that” I said and point at the goat.

“That stupid goat” he said about to chase the goat but fell. This time I couldn’t control myself as he also laughed at himself.

He stood up, “I guess the goat ate it” I said.

“Yea, guess we are cool now?” He asked.

“Not sure, but it depends on the type of flower you get me tomorrow” I said.

“Sure” he said smiling.

“I like the fact we are getting close” he said while I also smiled.

“It is nice knowing you” he said and offered a handshake and I took it.

“Same here” I said smiling.

It feels good.

“And I meant what I said yesterday” he said.

“What?” Not sure of what he meant.

“When I said you were beautiful, I mean it. You look beautiful every time I see you, you look more beautiful now” he said and my heart beat fast like it was going to explode.

Why does my heart beat fast every time when am with him.

Why does my heart beat fast for his words?






The matchmaker

👀Looking for a suitor 🤵🏿👰🏿

Genre: Romance comedy ❤️


🤭Strange feelings💝💯

💘💘💘 💘💘💘

💦 Chapter five💦

**Ariyike* pov*

Why does my heart beats fast because of his words.

“Thanks,” I said and went inside.

What is wrong with me?

I must be going crazy, no am crazy.

“Mom,” I called as i saw her coming from the kitchen.

“Mom, am beautiful right?” I asked.

“Of course, you are one of the most beautiful ladies I have ever seen” my mom said.

“Of course, but why is my heart not beating fast when you said that?” I asked.

“I don’t know, do you have a heart problem?” She asked while I plopped on the chair.

“Why is my heart beating fast for him?” I said hitting the chair.

“Why, why?!” I shout while my mom gave me are you ok look?.

She will never understand.

🕺🏼Seye pov🕺🏼

“Thanks,” she said and rushed inside.

‘What was that?’ I thought

“But she really is beautiful” I said smiling.

Seye, don’t have that mindset. Ladies are scams.

But there is nothing admitting that she is beautiful right? “No,” I said shaking my head.

“No, no!” I said. “She surely has a cute smile, Seye what is wrong with you” I said and used my head to hit the wall.

Their smiles, everything are all lies.

Simply lies.

“Are you alright?” The gateman shouts from his post.

“Yes” I said.

“Ok” he said looking at me confused.

👁️Dolapo pov👁️

“Here he comes” I said to Mr Akin who was beside me and he left. We are at a boutique that Seye visits frequently.

I walked toward him and I intentionly bumped into him.

“Are you alright?” He asked and I raised my head.

“Yes” I said and looked at him.

“You!” we both said.

“I can’t believe we meet again” I said smiling.

“Same here, I’ll get going then” he said.

“Wait, I don’t know if I’ll get a chance to meet you again, but can you please give me your number?” I asked.

“Please don’t say no” I said and pout my lips.

“Please?” I said.

“Ok” he said.

“Thanks” I said and hands him my phone.


Ariyike pov

Today was really stressful, my clients keeps increasing day by day, and the worst part is that my car broke down on my way home, it is already late and bike is proving hard to find. I have no choice to trek.

Which is a bad idea, because of my heels but I have no choice.

“Ariyike!” I heard someone call my name.

I turned back and saw seye.

‘God, what is he doing here?’ I thought moving fast but he caught up to me.

“Hey” he said.

“Hi” I answered and faked a smile.

“Are you avoiding me?” He asked suspiciously

“No, why would I?” I replied back.

“Good, better” he said and smiled.

And my heart started beating fast.

“Not again” I murmured.

“What?” He asked.

“Nothing” I said as we continue walking side by side which made me nervous.

“Ariyike, watch out” he said and pulled me away from the road making my back hitting the wall behind us due to the bike that almost hit me.

My concerns wasn’t the bike but his lips, we were just too close.

“Watch where you’re going” he said to the bike man.

“Am sorry,” the bike man responded.

“Are you alright?” He asked facing me but my attention was on his lips.

Even now my heart flutters and it is beating faster than ever.

What is going on with me?

What is this strange feeling? Am having when am with him?

Why do I want to kiss his lips?






The matchmaker

👀Looking for a suitor 🤵🏿👰🏿

Genre: Romance comedy ❤️



💘💘💘 💘💘💘

💦 Chapter six💦

Ariyike pov

“Are you alright?” He asked.

“Hmm, yes” I said and composed myself.

”Are you sure?” He asked.

“Yes” I said and started to walk.

“Ariyike” he called.

“What?” I asked.

“Are you sure you are ok?” He asked raising his eyebrows.

“Yes,why?” I said.

“Then why are you going towards that place” he said and I looked at my front. I was actually heading inside another person’s compound.

“I guess not” I said and he laughed and I started walking fast embarrassed, this time towards the right direction.

“Wait for me” he shouts and ran to me.

“You are really funny” he said.

“No, am not!” I yelled.

“Why are you shouting at me?” He asked.

“You look ugly when you shout” he said and we both laughed.

“Take your words back” I said laughing.

“Make me” he said.

“I know what you want but I won’t do it” I said.

“We’ll see to that” he said and I smiled.

👁️Dolapo pov👁️

“So he gave you his number?” Mr Akin asked.

“Yes” I said and drank my wine.

“That is good, so what are you going to do next?” He asked.

“Just leave that to me, you don’t have to worry. Seye Oludare is surely our prey” I said and smirked.

“And also am meeting him tomorrow” I said.

“Really? Just make sure that you do everything fast before he gets the grip of what is going on” he said.

“Don’t worry” I said.

🧔🏿Tim pov🧔🏿

I looked at myself in the rare glass mirror of my car, looking handsome.

Today, am meeting the girl I have been crushing on.

Ariyike, I just couldn’t take my mind off her since the day I saw her.

She was harsh to me the other day I went to her because of Seye but this time I will make sure she doesn’t resist me.

I waited in my car because I know I might get embarrassed if I go to her office.

I saw her coming out, I also came out of my car and went to her.

“Hey” I said.

“Do I know you?” She asked confused.

Ok, that is disappointing.

“I guess you have forgotten, am Seye’s friend” I said.

“Oh, you” she said and smiled.

“I forgot you” she said awakardly.

“It is ok” I said.

“Am sorry for the other time” she said.

“It is ok, I can understand, it is all because of that stupid Seye” I said.

“Why calling him stupid, he’s done nothing wrong” she argued while I looked at her weird.

“If you say so” I said.

“Am sorry for that” she said and smiled.

“It is ok” I said.

“So why are you here?” She asked.

“Just want to say hi” I said shyly, I just feel shy around her.

“Ok” she said heading to her car.

“Wait” I uttered.

“Mind if I take you out on a date?” I asked and rub my hand together nervously.

🕺🏼Seye pov🕺🏼

I was playing a video game in my room when I heard a knock on the door.

Who could that be?

I stood up and went to the door, I opened the door and was surprised by what I saw or should I say who?

How does she know my place?

“Why are you here?” I asked with a harsh voice.

“Easy, just want to say hi” She said.

“How did you find my place, miss tosin?” I asked.

“I was just passing by” she said smiling which annoyed me for no reason.

“That doesn’t answer my question, miss?” I said.

“Well I did my findings and figured you live here, and I told you I want to get close to you” she said.

“Well I don’t want to” I said with no emotions.

“That is harsh” she said and bursted into tears.

‘What did I do?’ I thought.

Girls and their feeble heart.

“Am sorry” I said and she stopped.

“I just want to repay your kindness the other day, it means a lot” she said and cleaned her tears.

“Am sorry, I hurt you” I said while she sniffed.

“It is ok” she said.

“Since I saw you I feel happy and delighted. I will get going then” she said.

“Ok” I said still in my spot.

“Are you not going to see me off?” She asked.

“Yeah I should” I said and closed the door.

“Let’s go” I said as we walked out but stopped when I saw Tim with Ariyike.

She already saw me but her looks was totally not good, I just can’t explain.

“Hey man” Tim said.

“Hey” I said in a unfriendly way, just don’t know why I just feel angry at him or should I use the term JEALOUS.

“See you next time” he said to Ariyike who turned to him and smiled which made me more JEALOUS.

“Ok, thanks for today” she said and suddenly he pulled her into a sudden hug which also surprised Ariyike and made me even more angry and JEALOUS.

I went to them and pulled them apart while they looked at me weirdly.

“Don’t hug her” I said.

“What?” Tim asked.

“I said don’t HUG HER” I repeated.

“Don’t you hug her”






The matchmaker

👀Looking for a suitor 🤵🏿👰🏿

Genre: Romance comedy ❤️

👩🏾‍🦰Her man👨🏿


💘💘💘 💘💘💘

💦 Chapter seven💦

👁️Dolapo pov👁️

What is going on between Seye and this lady? It seems like he is going to kill his friend for touching her.

His eyes were killing, what kind of relationship is between them?

She seems like a threat to my mission, I wasn’t expecting this.

I have to act fast.

He took her hand and went inside.

I must put a end to whatever is going between them.

At all cost.

🕺🏿Seye pov🕺🏿

“What were you doing with him?” I shout at Ariyike.

“Why are you shouting at me?” She asked.

“Why did you allow him to hugged you? How can a woman have no pride” I yelled again.

“What did I do wrong?” She asked confused.

“And what about you? Why are you shouting at me when you were with a lady?” She asked.

“But I didn’t hug her, did I?” I asked.

“Wait, are you jealous that I hugged your friend?” She asked smiling.

“What!, Why will I be jealous? Am not jealous” I said and cleared my throat.

“I will allow you to rest, you must be tired” I said trying to change the topic.

“Why does it feel like you are ignoring my questions?” She asked.

“Who says I was ignoring your questions, I just don’t have the answer to it because there is nothing like such” I said and left her house.

I got outside and met Tim, Tosin was already gone.

What do I tell him?

“Hi man” I said and went to him.

“What was that?” He asked angry.

“Was what?” I answered back with a question.

“You know what I mean” he said.

“Do you like her?” He asked.

“What? Of course not” I said.

“You don’t like her?” He asked looking at me suspicious.

“No, I don’t” I said but it feels like am lying.

“Good, I like her and am going to do whatever it takes to have her” he said and his words makes me furious.

“Sure” I said trying to hold my angers.

“Thanks, I will like it if you shows your support” he said

“Sure” I replied with a fake smile.

Why is he acting like they are dating?

But why do I feel jealous?

🧔🏿Tim pov🧔🏿

I could see Seye was lying, his eyes show it all. But am not going to lose to him, not easily.

It’s a fight between two friends.

When it comes to ladies, I don’t joke with them at all.

Am sorry Seye but I don’t lose when it comes to the ladies.

I will do anything to have her even if I must play dirty.

The next day🌺🌺

Ariyike pov

I couldn’t get my mind off what seye did yesterday.

Does he like me? Was he jealous? Even though I know it was just my perception, some part of me just feel like it was real.

“Ma, you have a visitor” shade said when she came in.

“Let them in” I said and she left my office.

A lady came in afterwards, she look familiar.

She sat without my permission, who the fuck is this?

She was dressed in high waist trouser and a Gucci top, with a expensive bag and shoe.

She look expensive.

She looked around my office with a disgusting look.

‘Rude bitch’ I thought.

“Why are you here ma?” I asked trying to be polite.

“Me?” She asked and chuckled.

“Well, I want you to stay away from my man” she said.

“Your man? I think you are mistakening” I said confused.

“Hell no, I know what am saying” She said confidently.

“Then who the hell is your man?” I asked.

“Seye, he is man” she said, raised her jaw and crossed her leg.

Did I heard her right?

Seye is her man.





The matchmaker

👀Looking for a suitor 🤵🏿👰🏿

Genre: Romance comedy ❤️


The kiss

💘💘💘 💘💘💘

💦 Chapter Eight💦

Ariyike pov

“He is your man?” I asked.

“Yes, I want you to stay away from my man” she said.

“I think you are mistaken, there is nothing going on between me and Seye, and I will like if you take your leave now, as you can see am quite busy” I said while she frowned

“I just hope I made myself clear” she said, stood up, and took her leave.

So Seye actually has a girlfriend.

Now I know why her face seems familiar, she is the lady from yesterday.

It isn’t my business if he has a girlfriend right? I just feel angry because he didn’t tell me.

I guess we aren’t close, but he should have told me, then I won’t get what is going on between us wrong.

His girlfriend is not even pretty at all.

Am not jealous, just saying the fact.

She is really ugly.

How come he has no taste at all.

Shit, am so jealous.

My phone rings.

“Hello” I said without looking at the caller ID.

“Hey, it is me Tim” the caller said.

“Mr Tim, how are you?” I asked trying not to sound angry.

“Am good, please can we meet. There is something I will love us to talk about” he said.

“Ok, where?” I asked.

“At the restaurant, near your house” he said.

“Ok, on my way” I said.

🧔🏿Tim pov🧔🏿

“Thanks for coming” I said to Ariyike who was seated in front of me.

“It is no stress” she said and smiled revealing her beautiful dimples.

“So what do you want to say?” She asked.

“Are you sure you want to hear it?” I asked.

“Of course, say what you want to say” she said.

“I like you” I said and she looked up at me.

“What?” She asked surprised.

“I like you, a lot” I said.

“I don’t know what to say, I didn’t even know you would say that” she said as she blushed

“It is ok, you can think about it but I will definitely not take no for an answer” I said and smiled.

“Ok” she said and drank the water in front of her.

I know I have conered her, she won’t be able to turn me down easily because of the kind of person she is, am going to use that to win her heart.

Ariyike pov

“Thank you for bringing me home” I said as we got down from his car.

“My pleasure” he said.

“Ok” I said and without a warning he pecked me while I stood frozen.

“See you tomorrow” he said.

“Y….es” I stuttered while he smiled.

“Bye” I said and entered the gate.

I saw Seye as I entered.

I wanted to walk pass him but his words stopped me.

”Are you guys dating?” He asked angrily.

“Why do you care? Why can’t I date when you are dating?” I asked angrily.

“What?” He asked.

“Yes, I know everything and you seem to be getting whatever there is between us wrong. You are a tenant while am the landlord” I said and went inside the house.

I still can’t believe he is dating someone.

🕺🏾James pov🕺🏾

I couldn’t sleep all night all because of Ariyike’s words.

What does she means that am dating, I haven’t date anyone since I turned 27 so what is she talking about?

I don’t think I can sleep without asking her.

I went out of my house and went to her house.

I knocked on her door and she opened up.

I pulled her out of the house and pinned her to the door.

“What are you doing?!” She yells.

“What do you mean by am dating?” I asked.

Ariyike pov

“What do you mean by am dating?” He asked.

“What?” I asked.

“You said I was dating” he said while I focused on his lips.

Not again.

“Answer me or I’ll kiss you” he said and I gulped instantly.

“Am serious” he said and brought his lips closer.

“The girl from yesterday told me to stay away from you” I said.

“Too late” he said and brought his lips even closer and kissed me.






The matchmaker

👀Looking for a suitor 🤵🏿👰🏿

Genre: Romance comedy ❤️


💋Two kiss from two friends👬

💘💘💘 💘💘💘

💦 Chapter Nine💦

🕺🏾Seye pov🕺🏾

I placed my lips on her’s and kissed her softly, I closed my eyes feeling the moment when she pushed me away and slapped me.

“What the hell?”

“How dare you kiss me?!” She yelled.

“Stop acting innocent, it is not like you didn’t enjoy the kiss”

“What? You must be crazy!” she yelled and entered her house.

What? It was just a kiss I don’t know what came over me that made me kiss her.

Her lips were just so tempting.

I don’t really like her that much but what can I do when her lips were so lush and tempting.

I don’t really like her, more like a crush.

But what does she mean by am dating Tosin? I knew that girl was no good.

What did she tell her?

I have to find out what?

🌺🌺The next day🌺🌺

👁️Dolapo pov👁️

“I almost didn’t believe it when you called me” I said and smiled at Seye.

“What is your mission?” He asked, which frightened me.

Does he know why am here? What am here for?

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Why would you meet Ariyike and tell her we are dating?” He asked with a serious and unfriendly tone.

I sighed, relieved he didn’t know about me.

“Because I like you”

“What?” He chuckled at my words.

“I like you and I mean it” I said and smiled.

He bursted into a sudden laughter.

“What is so funny?” I asked puzzled.

“You” he said and laughed hard again.

“You like me, is love that easy?”

“Why? You don’t believe in love?” I asked.

“Yes, I know the kind of girl you are. I’ve met girls like you, you come into one’s life and break their heart. Am sorry but you’ve found the wrong person, I don’t like girls like you” he said abruptly.

“What kind of girl do you like, Ariyike?”

“You know nothing about me, and don’t try to” he spat at me and stood up.

“I hope we stop seeing” he said and left me alone in the restaurant.

Don’t worry dear, it ain’t over.

Ariyike pov

“That damn bastard!” I said punching my bed.

I stood up from my bed and went to the mirror.

My face was all messy and swollen, I couldn’t sleep yesterday because of the kiss.

No matter how hard I tried to forget it.

I couldn’t.

Today is Saturday, so am currently free because I don’t go to work on Saturdays.

All because of that crazy lunatic, I couldn’t sleep.

Why would he kiss me?

Why? It just put me into more confusion.

Does he likes me?

I keep getting confused and confused.

My phone rings,

“Hello” I said shyly knowing it was Tim.

“Am outside your house, let’s meet” he said and hung up.

What is he doing?

I looked at my mirror again, I look messy.

I went outside and saw him leaning against the gate.

“Hey” I greeted him.

“Good morning” he said and smiled.

“Morning” I replied shyly.

“Just want to see you before I go to work” he said.

Ok, is this guy for real? I haven’t agreed to date him yet.

“Ok” I said.

“But your eyes are all swollen, what happened?” He asked and I touched my cheeks.

“I guess I look bad” I said embarrassed.

“No,” he said and move closer to me.

“You look beautifully messy” he said while we both smile.

“Even now” he said and brings his head closer to mine.

Making me wonder what he is about to do, he moves his head closer and kissed me as my eyes widen.

Two kiss from two friends.





The matchmaker

👀Looking for a suitor 🤵🏿👰🏿

Genre: Romance comedy ❤️


🤵🏿May the best man wins💪🏿

💘💘💘 💘💘💘

💦 Chapter Ten💦

Ariyike pov

I pushed Tim away and slapped him, “what the fuck is wrong with you?”

“Am sorry Ariyike, I just couldn’t control myself” he said pitiful.

“Are you two crazy, how can you two kiss me. Are you guys playing me?” I shout infuriated.

“No, I don’t know about it” he explained.

“I don’t care, I don’t want to see you here again” I entered the house angrily.

I don’t know why, I just feel angry when he kissed me.

It makes me feel like am cheating.

I know how weird it is but I also can’t explain.

I think am going crazy.

🧔🏿Tim pov🧔🏿

What did Ariyike mean by both of us kissing her?

Did Seye also kiss her?

He can’t be winning in this game? What is wrong with him?

The Seye I know hate girls, in just a few weeks how come he became that weak.

I can’t just lose, not like that.

This can’t be the end.

I turned back to leave but saw seye.

“Seye!” I called surprised but also excited.

I don’t know If I’ll fight my friend for a woman, but it is just a game to me.

It really excites me.

“Let’s talk” he said heading to his house and I followed him.

👁️Dolapo pov👁️

“What is going to happen now?” Mr Akin asked.

“Don’t worry, I have a perfect plan to get him”

“Which is?” I asked.

“Going to use his weak point, his dead brother”

🕺🏾Seye pov🕺🏾

I saw everything that happened between Ariyike and Tim even when Ariyike slapped Tim, I still feel angry why would he kiss her?

“I heard you kissed Ariyike?” Tim asked looking around.


“I told you already, I like her and want her” he turned to me.

“Stop fooling yourself Tim, we both know it is a game to you”

“You are right it is a game, a game that I must win” he said.

“Why? I don’t like losing too” I said serious but in a playfully manner.

“Is that so? may the best man win then” he said as a serious glare is exchanged between us.

It is a war between two friends.

“May the best man win” I smirked and he also did.




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