New Story: The Contract With My Boss [Full Story]





The alarm ringing so loud to my ear and I sketched out my hands finding the off button and I succeeded in doing so while i woke up from my bed and saw the time was 6am….

Shit!!! I got an interview with the Maslow company and I hurriedly took off my slippers and headed to the bathroom,I wiped my face with a clean water from the tap and look up to the mirror and saw my face still pale,I vividly remembered how Damon broke up with me on a dinner date with him…thinking he will definitely proposed.

He called by 3pm in the afternoon,telling me he is taking me out for a dinner,I was so happy and feeling special thinking that it was his nonchalant attitude towards me to know if I will definitely make a home..

I called my best friend alexia to inform her that I’m getting enagaged and she thought it was a joke because Damon dont normally have time for me and we hardly go on a date because he’s kinda too busy with work ….he is working under softech innovative company and I guess the work over there are too stressful that he hardly call me or reply my chat and messages

I took it like it dont matter because I still love him like that,we met while I was waiting for a cab to drive me home and unfortunately it started raining so heavily buh I still insist on looking for a cab while the rain beating on me heavily,it seems as if no cab was coming.. .I walked down the street still looking wet and dripping

I stopped at the super market far miles away from my house to buy beverages and coffee to warm my body for the weather…after picking up few items along

I paid at the cashier and passed by a tall looking guy beside a red land cover car on a call with whoever,he winked at me buh I passed him and few other cars parked at the entrance of the super market

I walked down the road,by that time
The rain had stopped falling when I noticed that same car following me,I didnt notice when the guy called out bby cant you hop in let me ride you over to your place ???

I stared at the car and discover it was same guy I saw at the supermarket that winked at me

I opened the door without hesitation because I was looking for a cab for long yet didn’t see none I didnt bother to start showing attitudes to him,because I was in a mess







We were driving in silence,when he finally broke it by introducing himself as Damon charles ,he’s 30 years and works with software innovation company and he’s single

The only son of his parents with two sisters and he said they are out of town

He turn to me with a smile on his face,so what of you miss???
I pretended not o hear him and still glancing at the window admiring the cities and it’s structures

He asked me again, ohhh
I’m jocelyn Berry, I’m 24 years buh my parents are late and I have an elder sister buh she’s married with her family out of town

That’s so sad ,he said…
Ok,I replied
I gave him the direction to my house
Stop over this brown bungalow,i said
he stopped and I opened the door about to leave when he called oh!!miss you forget to take my contact but have this complimentary card and call me when you please..I collected it and.I waved at him without bothering looking back till he leaves that’s because I’m shivering

I went into my bathroom to take a warm shower,because the weather was cold..
Later that day,I called him to thank him for the ride and from there,that’s how our love inspired us into dating

It all happened during my 26th birthday,I received a call from him by 3pm to for dinner date,I already thought…he was planning to propose to me and I have to choose a perfect gown for the date

I called my best friend that moment to inform her because she is a fashion designer and a makeup artist and thou you hardly see her in town

She sent the pic of the cloth through my whatsapp, she wants me to wear it was a golden fitted gown and it look so gorgeous….alexia is a good fashion designer 😍,I ordered for it online immediately,together with a makeup artist

I went to the kitchen to prepare lunch and after eating ,I heard a knock on the door…behold it was the gown I ordered.
I took it in and waited for the makeup artist she didnt arrive and it was almost 7

I went upstairs to get ready for the dinner date, I wore the golden fitted gown it show all my body figure as I look at the mirror and admiring myself

I decided to do the makeup myself thou I’m not really a makeup type,I applied pink glossy lipstick and a little brown powder, I saw how perfect it look on me
I look at my mirror in the mirror again and I was satisfied

I boarded a cab to danark restaurant,I arrived there and no sight of Damon
I called him severally yet no response, I decided to start going when I saw him coming in…






He came in ,I didnt bother to ask him what went wrong
I yelled at him for not picking my calls

He replied softly and kissed my hands saying sorry for his late keeps and I smiled and the waiter came in and handed us the menu I selected Fried rice with beef and he ordered same, few mins the waiter came in with our dish,we ate and he said he wanted to say this for long buh dont know how to tell me this but he hope it was the perfect time

I didnt wait for him to finish his statement I brought out my hands and shouted yes with my face closed

He told me that he dont want to propose buh to breakup,he dont mean to do so on my birthday buh the relationship dont give him joy and he’s tried and left me there

I watched him disappear after saying those hurtful words,I still cant understand I thought I was dreaming and I didnt realize I was sobbing so long that….

The waiter tapped my shoulder and told me it was time to leave and they want to lock up , I stared at her with heavy tears blurring my vision….

I screamed so loud and I was confused buh this time,the head of the restaurant in charge came to me and I asked me what happened,I stammered the words he broke up with me and she took at me pitifully and offered me a ride

She dropped me off home and I managed to locate my flat with my heels on my hands ,I opened the door and lay at the sofa in the parlour with tears on my face

I cried out till I slept off,I woke up with heavy headache and I reached for my phone I dialled Damon to confirm if truly I was dreaming,yet no response

I stood up and started crying again,I couldn’t control myself this time…no body to come to my rescue,no body to share my burden , my best friend and my elder sister are not in town

I still reached my phone to call him and he picked this time and sounded harsh
I told you it’s over and I’m busy with work too much call attract query and I might lose my job and he hang up

Yet I was not satisfied,I called him and no response
I cried out loudly and slept off, forgetting to call my office to report I’m sick
It happened two days I forget about office still thinking of the breakup
When a message popped in and I saw a termination letter from my boss that’s when I realise that I didn’t report to them






After viewing the termination letter,I continued with my tears when I finally decided to call my best friend alexia to come over and thanks she was less busy with work and in town

I finally told her about the incident and my termination letter from office
She console me for few days and took me out for shopping and cinema to clear off my mind

During those time that I saw an employment opportunity for a secretary in Malsow company

I bought out my phone and snapped the information,I really enjoyed alexia stay with me…she left yesterday and I felt it.

It reminded me of the past incident and I continued in tears till I slept off….waking up this morning with a pale face.

The flashback ended….

I didnt realize I stared at the mirror for long for up to an hour….ouch!!!I said to myself
I brushed my teeth and took my bath hurriedly and wore a knee length black skirt and with a white long sleeve

I headed out to the road and boarded a cab to the company
When I reached it was a gigantic building with different department and sections
I reached the reception and submitted my credentials to the receptionist

She looked through it and took me to floor 56 for the interview.
I saw a lot of people there too because maslow company is well known and it is owned by a young bachelor mr Ryan and they pay their workers well …thou I’m late buh not the last person

I heard his father is managing the company for a while he returns in town and the company was named after his grandfather

The receptionist at that floor was calling out numbers and names turn by turn… Kindly hi porsha on+2349036027527 to read more stories.I was number 405 buh they were still far because I heard 156

I yawned out and realised that I have not eaten for long
Oh my Gosh I pray it will reach my turn
I unclose my legs and sat straight

I glanced at the clock and I realise it was almost 2 hours I’m here,clutching my files with my hands waiting for turn to be called for the interview
I looked around and I noted more hundred people still waiting for their turn
Well I knew it will take so long

Ignoring the cramps on my butt for sitting too long,immediately I heard my name from the receptionist…

Miss Jocelyn Berry, number 405
Your turn is up
I took in a few breath b4 sliding the office door

The office was beautiful and was so cold because of the air conditioner,the man conducting the interview faced back to the door and was in a call

Few minutes he hanged up and turned to me ,may you sit ….he said
Thanks,I replied and took a sit

He collected my credentials and looked through it,that’s satisfactory….he proceeded with few questions and I answered all buh failed one

Thanks for your conduct, endeavour to drop your credentials at the floor 50 and leave…
He pressed a bell for the next person

I nodded and left






After dropping my credentials at the floor 50,I boarded a cab back home

I made sandwiches and spaghetti bolognese for the hunger that was disturbing my stomach

I called my bestfriend that evening to inform her about my interview buh they havent called me yet to resume

After two weeks, I lost hope no sign of message from the company,I took up my laptop and started searching for job online….buh no one was suitable for me

I got tried and took a nap with my laptop still on,I woke up and saw a message on my mail…

I opened it and saw an appointment letter from maslow company,I screamed so loud and decided to do video call with my best friend alexia

Buh the network was bad,I tried calling her no response. I shrugged off the thought about it and decided to take myself out before resuming work tomorrow…

The next day

I started work and I was appointed as a secretary to the CEO,Mr Desmond …well that’s Ryan father…

I worked with maslow company for 5 months and I was happy with my job I lost hope of falling in love and concentrated on my life and job

Thou my best friend later called that day,it was a good memory for us..

5 months working as the secretary to CEO…he announced that he’s retired and His son Ryan was coming over to continue from where he stopped

Mr Desmond was a very nice man,most times at office,he treat my lunch and always soft spoken to all his employees

After the announcement,the next day was the time Ryan with resume at office…he was escorted by two bodyguards and he assembled every one at the conference meeting room…

I stood beside him with the contract file and some document while others sat down….well it’s a pleasure with you all
He proceed and ask me to give him the files on my hand and went through it before he started the meeting

Well I saw most of you here are contract staffs,can I see your recent files on progressing the company…

Everyone bought out their files and I pick it up one after the other and dropped to him still standing beside him

He looked at them and stopped at a particular one Joshua…he called out
I haven’t seen any effort you made to this company and you are too slow at work

I dont accept weakling in my company,for this you are fired pick up your termination letter at floor 40…and get out

The young guy was sweating and was able apologizing to him buh he paid deaf ears and fling out his files to his face and he left in a blink of an eye

Well this should serve as a warning to you all,he stood up and left I followed him together with his body guards to the office

Ryan is tall, handsome and rude,I heard he’s a half cast and his mother died after his birth thou he has two sisters buh they were not in town and a brother…his rude attitude made everyone in the office so nervous and trying every effort to bring out their best

JOCELYN!!! He called From now on you start making my coffee, and checking my schedules for the day make sure I dont miss any if not you will fired!!!

Yeah sir,I nodded and left the office with the files .





I went to the office to start arranging the files and type other documentations for Korean company and co contract deal.
turned back to Ryan office with some of the document I prepared thou i dont know if it was satisfactory yet,

He took a glance at it and fling the files on my face,what rubbish is this???

I thought you have been experienced as a secretary ,go and type this into a presentable stuff and get out of my office

I took the result from floor and headed to my, office
I hate him,I yelled with tears
What a rude and grumpy human being.

I was typing and printing out the documents for the presentation for Korean company and partners when I saw Ryan with two hefty body guards moving out of the office

Make sure ,you get others done by tomorrow let me go through it
Yes ,sir I bowed my head and he left

I was done for the Day,I have to take my laptop home to finish up the remaining work,being a secretary to CEO was stressful than my former job as a cashier

I branched at the supermarket to collect some ingredients for my ginger soup… Join us on WhatsApp through+2349036027527 to get more stories from stories.
I really love licking ginger soup ,the taste got me after since I visited chinese restaurant with alexia

I boarded a cab back home and I kept my bag and laptop in my room,headed to the kitchen after eating and i started working immediately.

I worked till it’s 2 am in the morning,my eyes were really heavy and Korean company will be in town by next tomorrow…

I took a little rest and luckily I woke up by 6 am I rushed to take my bath and hurried to work ,when I came to work thou I’m not really familiar with some of my colleagues buh I got one short fair lady name cherry, she always trip on Ryan a lot and she was my friend too at work

Hi ,Jocelyn…I saw her moving over to me while I’m planning on pressing the button of the elevator

Good morning cherry ,aww you look so beautiful…i guess it’s because you are really crushing on our CEO while wont he put you as his secretary then after seeing your sexy body figure

Stop it,I yelled at her
Stop what…stop pretending bby girl
I have no busy with him
Besides he’s my boss I cut it there
When we saw Ryan coming in with his body guards

Everyone pretended to be serious with work,I pressed the elevator so hard,buh it didnt open and Ryan came beside me,I shivered and he pressed the elevator,we got in together with him while his body guards took the other side

I was staring at him with the corner of eyes buh he took a serious face till we landed at the floor we both entered our different office,

Jocelyn, he called out
I rushed to answer him
He asked me if I’m done with the preparation I told him yes and handed it over to him…

Do you think this contract will bring her rude boss to fall in love with her???







He glanced through it,when Cherry bought in some contract deals.

You can leave,he said to cherry
Open the contract deals and read to me…..he spoke coldly

The contract deals of Arab company and co Ltd says that you must sign to such terms and conditions before the contracts will be signed Between Two Companies and it worth millions of dollars…I added must be a married man or about to get married
2. You must come down to Korea to sign the contract
3. You must come with your finacee or wife
4. You must come with one important business personal
That’s the conditions for signing the contract
The terms are with them according to the company.

Sir,the Korean company are in the conference meeting already.



The Korean company signed a great deal with us and I was so glad…
First time seeing Ryan smile buh truthfully his smiles was charming and most of our colleagues was stealing a glance at him…

Ryan POV
Oh my God,I lit up the cigarette on my mouth and puff the smoke out still glancing through the window
I hate women a lot after getting heart break from my first girlfriend Nastsha..
I caught her with another guy on her place after preparing the most romantic prosposal on valentine day….

That’s why I got shattered and ruined…
Now,this contract deal is giving me headache.i dont know who to call as my girlfriend or financee,I thought as I puffed out some smokes again.

I took up my phone and called my dad,my old man will give me suggestion that’s why we roll…I put a little smile…

📲 hi dad,I have an issue with this Arab company and co…the contract deal worth millions of dollar I dont want to miss it..I’m to have a financee or a wife.
📲.son,you dont have to worry let your personal secretary act like one….
He hung up,gosh I dont think so,I yelled as i hit my hands hard on the table





Jocelyn POV
I entered his office and saw him stood close to the window backing me and he was obviously smoking.
The smokes were making my breath to choke.i dropped the documentated files immediately and was about leaving when he spoke up,

You have a leave from tomorrow and my driver will pick you up from your house,I book a shopping trip for you at the on time by exactly 8:30am…

I was astonished buh sir for what??I asked and he turned his back with a cold look on his face

Can’t you understand English language or do you want to lose your job???he replied coldly

Do as I said!!! And stop asking me stupid questions, now write your address and get lost…

I dropped my address and left the office feeling embarrassed when he ever change..

The next day

I woke up so late around 7:34am and I saw many missed from alexia and unsaved number..I near my forgot that I had a shooting trip to attend by 8am
Sometimes I regret working for that rude man called Ryan…

I took my slippers on and went to take my bath…
I was about applying my makeup when I heard the door bell…

What the fuck is that???I yelled out angrily

I left everything to go and answer the human being in the door …

I saw two hefty body guards…
Ohh I’m already done!!!i said to them ….
I rushed to apply my makeup and I was led to the car…
We drove and stopped at Donald Mall…
It was one of the best in the country ,rich people are always seen there ,not surprised because He is rich and I came out the door with the two hefty body guards

Welcome to Donald Mall,the security man bowed to us and I bowed back with a smile.

I was taken to the cloth section and I saw Ryan operating his phone without taking a look at me.
Immediately I came the woman in charge of the section took me inside to select my choice….

The clothes were pretty and buh too explosing.
I wore the first cloth that has a turquoise blue and lot of diamond designs on it,it was short and it has a tore line that expose half of my breast…..

Ryan was still operating his phone when I came out with the cloth..

The woman got his attention back…
Sir, is this looking beautiful for her???she said
He looked up and was staring at me from up to down, and a bit lost when she asked again

Do you like this one sir???
Ryan replied coldly dont you have a decent looking design ,must it be a seducing dress???
Sorry sir, she bowed her head and we left

What a human being ,I said in my mind…







Jocelyn POV

The woman directed me inside to wear more clothes buh this time it was more of dinner gowns both long and short with sleeveless hand….

I choose the long red gown with silver designs,she directed me outside to show Ryan.
He has already left with his bodyguard buh one of them stood there waiting for me

I asked him about Ryan,he said that he has gone out that he has some urgent meeting with the Cooperation board..

After picking the clothes and designs I want ,the driver drove me straight to my house…

I was walking to my flat ,when I saw alexia standing near my door..

Girlfriend,I have been calling you for long…where have you been??she asked

I went for shopping trip with my boss,I said when inserting my keys to open the door…

Wow!!!she yelled hugging me like I’m a lost child.

Dont take it wrong alexia,he decided to take me out nothing else and we ain’t dating…I said when I sat down in my couch

She quickly opened the bags and bought out the clothes ,bags and accessories Ryan bought for me…

It is beautiful and it looks expensive,your boss must be in love with you jocelyn….Alexia said….

I was about clearing her doubts off when my phone beeped up a message..

“The message reads
We are travelling to Hungary this weekend and you will act as my financee”
Your salary will be doubled….
Because your ticket has been booked already
So get ready over the weekend,the flight is by 7:00am and my driver will pick you up to the airport….

What!!!i screamed out as i read this….
What’s wrong girlfriend???alexia asked me …

My boss hired me as his financee to win a contract deal…I said .

Come,on girlfriend it is nothing you should scream out about besides it is just to win the contract and your salary is going to be doubled…what is the big deal there ,she adviced me

Ohhh!!!I half cried…
I’m hungry let me go make some chips for the lunch ,she went straight to the kitchen leaving me in my thoughts…

I will eat cabbage balls, I shouted out to her..
Come make it yourself lazy girl, she joked out…

I went to my room to take a cool shower that evening,I was drying my hair when my phone rang and I went to pick it up…
Checking the caller ,it was my boss Ryan..

Ahhh,what has i done this time around,
Did you accept my request,he asked in a calm voice….

Yeah I accept it ,I replied

Get ready,we are going by tomorrow….I’m sorry the contract deal date was changed….

Ok,he hanged up and went to join alexia in eating supper..

The next day

Ryan called fashion designers and makeup artists to do their work…and the driver picked me up and we drove to the airport with many luggages….

We were screening and we entered the first class section, I stole some glances at Ryan buh he was seriously pressing his phone…

After some time ,I got tried of glancing at him I slept off and we were landed in hungary..

I was waken by the sound of the air hostess making announcement,
The plane is landing now in hungary so everyone put on your seal belt ….thanks for your cooperation and safe journey…

Everyone got down as the plane landed safely…I was about standing up to get my luggage when mistakenly Ryan marched my long gown and I was about to trip off to the floor when I felt his hands that grab my waist and our lips meet accidentally…..




The Contract with my boss

Episode 10

Everyone got down from the plane and mistakenly was about to trip off when he marched my dress,and helped me when our lips meet accidentally….

He immediately remove his hands on my wrist and walk out without saying anything ,I shivered when he held my waist….

I remove my luggages from the plane and the rest were in the Arrival Ward…..

Two young men in suit were smiling and discussing with Ryan when I finally got our remaining luggages…

Are you done,he asked me
Yeah sure,I replied
Let’s board a taxi then,He said…

We entered an airport taxi,Drive us to Smiley Hotels and suites he told the driver while operating his phone.

I was glancing through the window admiring the city and its structures reflecting on my old memories with my sister and my parents,I did it know when we landed.

He went straight to the receptionist to book a room..

Ryan POV

I want to book two rooms…..I said to the blonde hair receptionist with grey eyes.

She nodded to me while typing something on the desktop..

Sir,we have only one room left…all are books..she replied me

What!! I yelled out

Sir,it is Friday so it is normal here and all the rooms are booked except one…

You can’t go to search for hotels around because they are far and it is midnight manage this one for tonight..she said…

Ok,help me call the hotel dresser to carry my luggages.
Jocelyn was outside waiting when I told her to pay the driver off with the company debit card…

We packed our luggages inside the room…it was test anyway..

I went to shower immediately leaving Jocelyn to arrange the files and everything




The contract with my boss

Episode 11


I was arranging the files and sorting out the documents for the contract deal,when I was done..I tied into ponytail style and wore for towel gown for shower

When I saw him coming out of the bathroom,his six packs and muscular chest were looking charming.He almost caught me staring at them I passed him to take my shower.

When I’m done,I saw him dozing soundly on the bed.i lay at the couch for the night


I woke yawning,I saw salivating food on the table buh I didnt Ryan.I didnt bother I brush my teeth and took my bath and eat every bit of food on the table,immediately my phone rang


The Arba company called me later in the morning to come over and sign the contract deal.
I boarded a cab because I know I have a house and cars in Hungary I dont want anyone to know about my status yet.

I called jocelyn to come down stairs let’s move.

We drove to the Company ,we seee directed to the company meeting venue and we arrived before the started the deal.

Hi,everyone it is my beloved financee Jocelyn Brown,introduced as everyone shook hands with us and we got sat down

The meeting began and things were getting more complicated when Jocelyn defended our company and gave reasons why our deal must be bargain at 60% interest….

I was marvelled at her eloquent speech full of courage and business mind set.

After the meeting ,they agreed to jocelyn side…

We shook our hands and Mr Zhang who was a Chinese man buh handling the company invited us to a dinner party.


Jocelyn was looking beautiful and every guy that pass by will ask her for a dance.i was feeling jealous buh I dont think I’m falling already.i gave her instructions not to dance with anyone and she should rember we are acting line financee and I left to talk with dad on the phone..

Jocelyn POV
Everyone was dancing and chatting,I was feeling bored because Mr Rude said I should not dance or talk to any man because we are fake financee…

I decided to sip some drinks,One sexy lady walk up to my seat and one of Ryan crush anyway..

Everyone that got the best dancing steps when drunk will win 40000dollars,she shouted…I took the game instresting and immediately everyone started ordering alchoholic drinks…I got mine and gulped it down and reach for more when i was still drinking acting stupid and I felt someone led me to the stage….
The music was buzzing so hard and everywhere was hot…

Ryan POV

I was done answering dad ‘s call and we discussed about the company deal when I was done,I went back to my seat…I didnt see Jocelyn I saw someone on stage dancing sexily..when I got close I knew it was her …i carried into the bridal style and ordered one of my body guard to bring my car…if not she will spit out our secrets

She was touching my cheeks seductively..





The contract with my boss

Episode 12
Episode 12

Ryan POV

Not too long the car arrived and lay her inside the car and drove off to my mansion…I ordered the body guards to bring our luggages from the hotel room

I carried her into the bridal style to my room..she was touching me seductively and I was already feeling the sensation…I responded to the kiss she gave me..

We kissed for long and she wanted me to have sex with her buh I dont to take advantage on her…I remove her clothes and led her into the bathroom to bath…she was hitting everything and screaming I rushed into the bathroom and helped her take her bath..

Her body figure was looking stunning and beautiful,I was admit that she is beautiful and with a fresh and nice skin…

I took her into the room after having our bath and lay her to sleep.i went to the balcony smoking because I’m falling for her already and I must go for her….i thought as i puffed out the smoke


I woke up to see myself in a new night wear and every where was looking strange to me.i screamed out ,Ryan rushed in ..

He hugged me and I vividly remember what happened last night,buh I was surprised when he hugged me…I decided to ask how I came here

He sat me down while staring into my eyes..
Sir,what happened I nervously asked him

Nothing much bby,he replied
Dont call me sir,call mr Ryan or any petty names..he responded

A maid interrupted us with breakfast
Sir,you have a visitor..she said and left.

I was surprised on his new attitude.

Ryan POV

I rushed downstairs and I opened the door,I saw Garderner Gladys ,my long time friend in Hungary.she is the only female friend I have when I come down here.

Longest time you didnt call to meet me when you came she said coming into the house…

Ahhh!!!I’m sorry Gladys,I said
She kept her bags and went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast as usual when comes to my house she does that.

I went with her to the kitchen gisting when Jocelyn came down stairs,with the tray and plates…to the kitchen where we are.

Ryan,who is she…Gladys asked me
Ahh,that’s my secretary and my girlfriend to be I said,winked at jocelyn who was looking confused

Nice meeting you ,she straightened out her hand to Gladys.. kindly hi porsha on+2349036027527 for more stories..buh she scoffed and didnt responded back buh nodded her head…

Gladys is kinda stubborn and rude most times buh she is loving I clear jocelyn doubt as Jocelyn feel bad..

Immediately my phone rang and got excused to answer it.

After Ryan left,the sexy looking lady called Gladys scoffed and laughed out loudly and looked at me…..

Are you aware that my Ryan Financee or didnt he tell you?she said

I kept quiet washing the dishes,she dragged my arm and push me aside

Dont you dare keep mute and do things the way you like…she said angrily

When she saw that Ryan was coming close to us because you can see everything clearly in the kitchen doors and windows,it is made of glassware…

She started crying like a kid…
And fell on the floor like she was badly hurt.

What’s wrong Ryan asked.
She pushed me aside and I fell down then when she saw you coming she fell down too looking screwed I said.

Is that true ,Gladys
Noo,she did it because she said she hate women around you.

Gladys,stop acting childish you hate women around me not jocelyn…she is my secretary and she dont give a damn to any body near me stop acting like this Ryan responded…

So is it because of her,that yiu wasted my love for 5 years Ryan…
She said as she carried her bags and left you will regret this…she left

Ryan turned to me and said Jocelyn dont mind her,we are leaving back to seoul,this evening before we do will you be my girlfriend???he asked

I dont know what to say as tears was flowing down my cheeks yeah I will date you,I said he kissed my lips and we kissed so passionately there for long…when the body guards iintetrupted that our flight was shifted in the afternoon by 3:00am I cant wait to return home and gist Alexia a lot maybe I will go to her house then






Episode 13
Semi final

We rushed to the flight and we finally arrived home,Ryan was not letting rest in the plane already clothing me to make sure I dont catch cold.

I never knew he is caring and lovely,we reached seoul and my elder sister called me that she is coming over with her family next weekend after many years of not talking on phone..

I took my luggages into,and I took a rest a little bit.I decided to go Alexia ‘s house to give her surprise visit because she told me she wont leave seoul till I arrive from Hungary…

Buh I got a beep mesaage on my phone from unknown number.i got scared and hurried up to my door behold was my ex boyfriend Damon ..

I wanted to slam the door at his face,when he kneeled down holding my legs and I took pity on him and told him to come inside.

I gave him ginger soup and made some noodles for him.,

jocelyn,I’m sorry for the past mistakes I made to you
I will make it up to you bby…Damon spoke to me

Let’s forget about it,I’m in a relationship that’s shouldn’t cost much…

Please give me a chance,Damon he kneeled down begging me.
I cant get you a chance, Damon
Let’s be friends nothing more.

It seems like he understood and we chatted and played games so fun till it was evening I told him that I got a date with my boo Ryan..

He took a pitiful face…


my plans cant be runied,I must destroy her relationship with Ryan.i saw her post on Facebook stating her relationship status I wont let it succeed I must decieve her and claim to be unhappy…

She asked to leave buh I will act fast ,I know what to do…

Immediately i heard the sound of the car horn into the compound,I agreed to leave and we were coming out of her door when I saw her so called boyfriend coming towards us I kissed her lips forcefully.


As I was heading to Jocelyn door,i saw a guy kissing her lips so passionate…..I stared at them for a while before.He released and I saw Jocekyn gave him a hard slap and flared up

I grabbed his collar and hijacked him up to the door and punch his face so hard that blood was dozing from his nose.
Jocelyn was pleading to me not to kill him that’s why I realise how long I gave him the beating of his life…

He left looking pale…
The rain started dropping so heavily that it ruined our day I decided to spend my night on Jocelyn house..

We played a lot of games and she always win me,and she will give me a peck…

The game says who ever wins the last card will kiss passionately..
And the last section reached,I won her and drew her closer to my lips I tucked her hair to her ears and kiss her like my life depend on it..
I gently unhooked her bra and I started giving her a cool time body romance which led to sex,after having enough ourselves we slept at both arms with duvet…




The Contract with my boss
Final episode

Episode 14

Final episode
Episode 14

After spending the night with Ryan and it’s been a month now we started dating.

I rushed to office the next day because today is Friday and it’s valentine day and also my birthday…

Gosh my elder sister is coming today with her family and Ryan spoke with her

I was preparing and arranging different files because we usually have dinner party,our company host it annually buh this one is on valentine day ….

I checked my time ,it was 1:30 I arranged the files and got home,

when I came back home Ryan ordered some makeup artist and cloth designer to dress me up for the annual dinner party,I was so glad I texted my sister the location to come over to the party,because they have their own house in Seoul here

I was directed by the bodyguards to enter the car..

We drove to the venue,everywhere was looking so noisy full with music and I saw Ryan and some potential business personnel talking and gulping down their drinks at the VIP tables

I sat next to cherry who was paying less attention to me buh talking to her crush,and I was nervous to greet Ryan and other personnel..

I saw Alexia coming towards my direction and I stood up and ran to the restroom to avoid seeing her after what she did to me for the past years i never knew she was a wolf in a sheep clothing

Dating Damon all this years with me and claiming to my best friend is enough back bit,I stood in the restroom and wash my hands when I heard some crazy movement and few guests gossiping

I passed them and my phone beeped up a message from cherry..
I quickly took my bag and head to the hall

Everyone was seated,so I walked gently to my sit .

The host called Ryan to the stage to give a speech and everyone was clapping their hands…

He cleared his throat and called my name ,I was so shy because I’m a stage fright person
I stood up and walked up to the stage and he looked into my eyes and said

“Jocelyn ,you have been the great honor to me I have got so far,I want you to know I love you and I will always cherish you forever,please keep me in your heart and not in your mind always and I will always love to be besides yiu always and not in your sweet memory …I love you most in the world

He knelt and bought out a golden ring with diamond sparkles around it.
Will you marry me??
I gladly said yeah

Gosh ,I was in tears because I didnt belive this…I didnt care if I was in the crowd anymore I kissed her lips so passionately and everyone was clapping and snapping pics…of us..

My sister and her family were present with a lot of gifts

Everyone was presenting their gifts with lot of kisses

The End


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