New Short Story: My Sexy Teacher Wants It Bad (18+)

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Hi, my name is Peter. I am a 19 year old
white guy with blonde hair, about 6’1 and
moderately toned. Last year when I was a
senior in Highschool, I had a english teacher
who everyone thought was just smoking hot.
Her name was Ms. Finch. Ms. Finch was 27
years old with long brown hair, and a very
curvy body sporting perky D-cup breasts and
a tight ass . I would always talk to her after
class because she was really cool, and one
day toward the end of the year she asked
me to come in during my study hall period.
I came in and she was sitting at her desk
grading papers, looking dead sexy. she was
wearing a tight white button down shirt,
sleeves rolled up and a few of the top
buttons undone, revealing a teasing amount
of cleavage. Her tight black skirt made her
long legs look defined and beautiful. When
she noticed me walk in, she stood up and
walked over toward the door, shutting it and
locking it discreetly behind her back.
“Well, well, well, Peter. How long I have
been waiting to be alone with you,” She said
“Ms. Finch?” I said stupidly, obviously
confused by her actions.
“I have seen the way you look at me in
class. I’m not stupid. I know you want me.
And to be honest,” she said, eyeballing me
lustily, “It really turns me on.” She crossed
the room quickly, unbuttoning her shirt as
she went. By the time she got to where I
was standing, she was wearing only her lacy
black bra. Her eyes were glued to mine as
she began to undo my belt as I took off my
shirt. She finished undoing my pants and
reached inside and pulled out my semi erect
7 inch, thick cock.
“That’s what I have been waiting for,” she
said excitedly as she eyed my manhood for
the first time. She took it firmly i her small
hands and gave me a look of sheer
excitement. Then, very quickly, she thrust
my entire length into her hungry wet mouth,
leaving me gasping for air. She sucked deep
and hard, using her soft tongue to play with
my tip. While her right had was holding the
base of my cock, her left was massaging my
balls very gently. Her eyes were glued to
mine as she worked up and down my shaft
with great speed. My head was swimming
with ecstasy. Not wanting me to finish too
soon, she pulled her head off my glistening
dick and pulled me over to her desk.
She pushed me down into a lying position
and made me watch as she removed her
bra, revealing her large but very shapely
tits. Then she removed her skirt to reveal
she was not wearing any panties. Her pussy
was completely waxed, not leaving even the
slightest trace of hair. She climbed up onto
the desk and straddled my dick, rubbing the
length of m shaft against her soaking clit
and giving me access to suck deeply at
those tits I had fantasized about so much.
She reached between her legs and grabbed
my cock, and guided it past her full wet lips
and into her warm, tight box. She gasped as
my thickness filled her , but then she
continued to move up and down on my dick.
SHe placed her hands on my shoulders and
began to ride me fiercely, her tits bouncing
in motion with her body. I reached my arms
around her and rand my hands over her
smooth, supple ass. I squeezed tightly and
began to guide her on my dick. As the pace
and intensity increased, her soft moans
became louder. Her hips stopped bouncing
and began to grind on my dick in circular
motions, driving me wild. She pulled herself
off of me and bent low to suck her own
sweet juices off of me. She sucked harder
and harder, her head bobbing up and down
in my cock. Between each time my shaft
went deep down her soft throat, her tongue
would spin rapidly in dizzying circles around
my spongy head. Her head and hand were
pumping me hard, and I couldn’t take much
of it any more.
“Oh fuck Ms. Finch, I’m cumming!” I gasped,
and a second later I unloaded jet after jet of
hot cum into her mouth. After swallowing
every last drop, she stood up, grabbed her
clothes, and said “Hurry up and get dressed
stud, the bell is about to ring,” giving me a
devilish smile that made me know the best
was only yet to come.





It had been weeks since my last encounter
with Ms. Finch. Although I had tried many
times to talk to her after class, she had a
way of always either talking to another
student/ teacher or leaving the room after
class. Although I did occasionally catch her
giving me odd (but seductive) looks, there
was little to no contact between us outside
of the traditional student-teacher
relationship. Part of me wanted to just call
quits and move on, but no way was I going
to do that. No way would I go back to the
mediocre sex that was standard of the girls
my age.
So after working up the nerve, one day I
decided to pay her a visit after school.
Usually she stayed after school on
Wednesday until about 5:30, as that is her
day that she serves on homework assistance
in the school library. So I went to the library
and sat, not even pretending to work on
homework. I had to make sure she knew I
was there and what my intentions were. So
around 5 almost everyone had cleared out
so I waited amongst the last students or my
opportunity. At about 5:15 my opportunity
arose and I approached her. She looked
gorgeous: her hair was tied back and she
was wearing a tight black blouse, showing
her cleavage, and a tight black skirt,
showing her perky ass. She wore black
stockings that went up under her skirt and
black heels. I walked up to where she was
standing, gathering her things and preparing
to leave.
“So Ms. Finch, how have you been? It’s
been such a long time since we have been
alone” I said.
“Isn’t it time for you to go Peter? Its getting
late” She replied, refusing to look me in the
“Oh no. I have plenty of time, and besides
its been too long, and we really need to
catch up” I said softly, putting my hand on
the back of the small of her back and
pulling her close. She tensed up, and put
her hand on my arm.
“Peter… we can’t do this again… last time
was a mistake.”
I put my hand on her chin and pulled her
face up so I could stare into her eyes. “Well
you seemed to enjoy it last time” I
whispered, kissing her fully while I wrapped
my arms around her. My hand began to
move over her ass and back. Still probing
her mouth with my tongue, I walked her
toward the librarian’s office, which was only
a few steps back from where she was
standing. I shut the door behind me and she
walked toward the desk and sat on the
chair. She spread her legs, showing me her
glistening shaved pussy. She motioned me
over and when I began to unzip my pants,
she shook her head, put her hands on my
shoulders, and forced me to my knees. I
touched her pussy with my fingers, which
she met with a sigh of approval.
I began to finger her with both hands, one
penetrating her and massaging her g-spot,
the other softly massaging her clit. I began
to increase my speed and intensity, and she
responded with quickening breath and
shaking. After a few minutes, she put her
hand on my head and forced it into her
crotch. I began to lick her slit and clit, all
the while penetrating her with my index
finger, which she met with intense pleasure.
A few minutes later, I heard the door to the
office open. Because of where I was,
whoever it was could not see me. “Oh, I’m
sorry,” the voice said, “I thought everyone
had left.” I could tell that it was the voice
that it was one of the cleaning ladies.
“No, I will be in here a bit longer, I’m sorry”
Ms. Finch said, her voice audibly straining to
hold back the moans and deep breaths that
were a byproduct of her near orgasm.
“It’s ok, Ms. Finch. What are you doing in
the librarian’s office?”
“Oh, I just wanted to check the database to
see if a book I had ordered had come-ohhh”
she moaned as I slid a second finger into
her hot pussy “ohh- in yet.”
“Oh… ok. Well I will come back in an hour or
so, to clean up. I’ll see you later.” The door
closed, and I heard Ms. Finch let out a loud
“You little fucker! You almost got us
caught!” She moaned, her face red. I stood
up and pulled my pants off, my dick bobbing
out right in front of her face. “That was
really not-mmr!“
“Less talk” I said, forcing her open mouth to
engulf my entire dick, my balls hiting her
chin. I sighed in pleasure and enjoyed the
bliss she was giving me. She pulled all the
way off, exposing my tip for just a second
before going all the way back down on it.
She began to pump her head back and forth
on my dick, forcing it all the way down her
throat each time. She pumped away and
away on my rock hard dick , somehow not
gagging. She pulled my dick out of her
mouth and swirled her tounge all around the
head. Her tongue then ran down, up, and
back down my shaft, and then down my ball
sack. While jacking me off she took one, and
then both of my balls into her hot wet
mouth and sucked and jerked
I was getting close to cumming, and she
noticed this. She put her mouth back on my
dick and started to suck the top half of my
dick while using her had to pump away at
the bottom half. I began to shake violently
and I felt my balls tighten. She noticed this
and pulled my dick out of her mouth but
continued to lick the tip and jerk the base.
Unable to hold back, I began to shoot load
after load of cum onto her face and mouth.
Seeing her with my cum all over her face
was so hot, and at that point I knew that it
would no longer be her controlling the
amount of sex we had, she would do
anything to impress me. And the opportunity
to test this came immediately next when
she began to stand up and try to kiss me.
“I don’t think so,” I said, pulling my pants up
and buckling them. “Its getting late, I’ll see
you tomorrow.” I left her standing in the
office with a confused look on her face, and
I could h keep the smile off my face. It’s a
good feeling to hold all the cards in this
type of relationship.







My hips bucked as I shot my seed all over
her face and tits.
“Peter…” my teacher moaned, jerking my
wet cock in her soft hands. She leaned
forward and took my dick into her mouth,
sucking the remaining cum from my
softening cock. I moaned in pleasure and
wondered in amazement at the beauty
cleaning my cum off her face. It was lunch,
and our second fuck of the day. We had
been going on a sex rampage fucking at
least twice per day, always at school.
Her room was our usual spot, but we like to
mix it up. She gave me a smile, my cum
glistening on her face. She was dirty like
that; always wanting my cock in her throat
and my cum on her face. We had never met
outside school, but we did it enough
already. The only thing that concerned me
was spring break coming up, and I dreaded
being away from my sexy teacher . The
tension would be too much…
Spring break was a lot of fun as I went to
Mexico with my senior class, and it was
basically a drunken orgy. I was with other
girls, but none of my experiences came
close to my hot sex with Mrs. Finch. She
had my phone numbers and constantly sent
me pictures of her amazing rack and once a
video of her fingering her pussy, but this
only served to make me miss her even
more. I got back the Saturday night before
school tje following Monday, and I received
a text from her on the ride home from the
airport. It was just an address, and I was
too horny to ignore it. I snuck out upon
reaching my house, and drove over there as
fast as I could.
The house was in a nice neighborhood not
too far from my own and I parked in the
street. I walked to the front door feeling
nervous, and rang the door bell. I stood
there for what seemed like forever, and
finally rang the doorbell again. It was around
2 am, but I knew she would be awake and I
was not about to go home empty handed.
Within 2 seconds of ringing the doorbell, the
door swung open and I stood face to face
with Mrs. Finch completely nude, perky tits
and shaved pussy making my dick stiffen
instantly. She lept for me immediately,
kissing me passionately and pulling me
close. She led me backward to the couch,
hands working expertly at my clothes. I was
forced onto my back naked on the couch
seconds later and she attacked my cock. It
immediately went all the way down her
throat, her nose pushing against my pubes.
She bobbed her head ferouciously, taking
my whole length in every time.
Her hand massaged my balls and shaft. I
was in ecstasy. She continued to suck my
cock for a few more minutes before
promptly standing up and sitting on my cock
before I even had the chance to open my
eyes. She gasped as all 7 inches of my
thick manhood filled up her hot young
pussy. She rode me harder than she ever
had before, and her huge tits bounced on
my face and chest. I gripped her ass and
slammed ber pussy onto my rod, matching
her downward movements with upward
thrusts of my own.
The couch was creaking and straining with
the power generated by our pounding, but
we never slowed pace. Her screams of
orgasm rang throughout the house
repeatedly, and I was amazed at how much
noise this sexual freak made when not
inside school. I was eventually overwhelmed
with pleasure and filled her pussy with my
cum until it leaked out and then she fell
down beside me.
She lay there stroking my soft cock for a
few minutes, and just when it began to perk
up again, she hopped up and went to the
other room, leaving me lying down with a
semi erect cock. She returned a few
minutes later, looking exited and holding a
bottle of what looked like lube.
“Ready Peter?” She asked me
“Ready for what?” I asked back. Without
answering she walked over toward me
squirted some lube on my dick, and started
massaging it. When my dick was thoroughly
lubed up, she turned around and positioned
herself bent over the arm of the couch on
her knees, ass facing me. I admired her
glistening shaved pussy lips and smooth
round ass for a second before I got up
behind her and positioned my dick over her
tight little asshole .
“Fuck me” She whispered. I rocked back on
my feet to gain momentum, and then let her
have it. My balls slapped her slit as my
entire 7 inches was crammed into her tight
ass . I don’t know if she was a virgin, but she
had definitely not taken many cocks in her
ass. She screamed in pain, but I gripped her
by the shoulder and pulled my cock out of
her. She sighed as I withdrew, only to
scream out again as I pounded her again.
Her perky little ass was even better on the
inside than it was on the outside, hot and
tight and wet and soft. I pulled out and
penetrated all the way in over and over,
working up a rhythm as I fucked her like a
Her screams became gasps, which then
became moans. Her hips began to rock back
and forth against mine and I was shoving
my fat cock all the way inside her asshole
with every stroke. I rubbed the lube over her
ass and it was soon wet and oily. Her
glistening oily ass was soft as I rolled it
beneath my hands. My pace was hard and
fast, and I slapped her right ass cheek hard
with my hand. A red mark appeared and I
rubbed it before giving it another good hard
slap. She turned around and looked at me.
Her face was red and sweaty, but I could
see that she was enjoying it rough.
My hand explored her breasts and back, but
they were slowly moving downward. I spread
her thighs apart so as to get better access
to her pussy, which I began to massage.
She was now writhing in pleasure and
moaning outload, her finger gripping the
coach and her perfect ass like a bag to be
beaten by my dick. I rubbed her clit hard
with my hand and she began to shake with
I kept pounding her ass and rubbing her clit
as she had multiple intense orgasms. When
she seemed to stop, I pulled out and rolled
her onto her side. I lined up on my side
behind her and started to fuck her ass from
behind, and attacking her pussy with my
hand. I shoved 2 fingers in her pussy and
rubbed her clit with the fourth, matching the
beat of my fingers with my penetration of
her ass. My abs were tight and sore with
overuse, but I continued to pump away at
her ass.
“ fuck my ass ! Oh yes! Fuck me baby fuck
me!” she cried, immensely enjoing the
double pleasure. The pumping was
becoming too much for me and I climaxed
before I could pull out. My hips shook as I
came, and jet after jet shot into her hot
little ass. She rolled over so she was ontop
in a reverse cow girl position and started
shaking her ass on my dick. The sight of
her tight perky ass bouncing on my dick was
enough to keep me hard, and her ass full of
my cum felt amazing as she bounced on my
I climaxed again before even finishing my
previous orgasm, and a fresh wave of cum
filled her ass. She continued to shake her
ass until my balls were empty, and then she
climbed off me and sucked my cum off of
my dick. She held up my dick and licked it
from top to bottom, she sucked on my tip,
and then she took my entire length into her
I was soft by now and she was leaking cum
on the carpet, so she ran to the shower to
get cleaned up. Not wanting to miss
anything, I jumped to my feet and followed
her sweet perky ass to whatever was
waiting me in the bathroom. Man, I thought
to myself, this is awesome.





The weeks flew by, and high school seemed
to be just a place I went for sex. My
beautiful English teacher was an absolute
freak, and we had been fucking multiple
times a day for the last few months. She
liked everything from giving porn quality
head to cramming my fat cock in her tight
asshole. She seemed to never tire, and
fiended after my cum as if it was her only
source of nutrition. I fucked her like a dog
and she loved it.
Today was like any normal lunch period: I
lay on Ms. Finch’s desk while she bounced
on my cock like a pogo stick. Her grinding
and humping made my head spin, but with
my sexual appetite I never climaxed until I
wanted to. Ms. Finch was moaning softly,
as we were in school and the walls were
paper thin. Ms. Finch hopped off my dick
and moved upward, sitting on my face. My
tongue attacked her clit and hole as she her
moans filled my ears.
With my face deep in a pussy and Ms. Finch
facing away from the door, it was easy for
someone to slip in the room unnoticed.
I felt a pair of small hands rub their way up
my thighs, cup around my sack, wrap around
my cock, and before I knew it, a nose was in
my pubes, my dick in the ecstasy of a hot
mouth. I grunted and started to lift away,
but Ms. Finch would not let me get up.
After a bit of struggle, I lifted her up off my
face enough to look down toward my dick.
I saw the top of a black haired head bobbing
up and down on my cock. But the most
surprising part was Ms. Finch’s hand on the
back of that head guiding up and down.
Ms. Finch spun around on my face so she
could get a better look at our new initiate. It
was Kim, a small quite japanese girl in my
class. She had dark hair, small perky tits ,
and the exotic asian beauty that is rare but
special. Mrs. Finch’s pussy lifted up off my
face enough so she could lean forward
toward kim. I could see the two begin to
kiss, a long deep sloppy kiss that was more
tongue than lip.
“Its your turn. Ride,” Ms. Finch said sternly
to kim, who blushed shyly, bit her lip, and
stood up. She pulled her tight white button
down over her head to reveal her small,
pointed breasts and hard, flat stomach. He
skirt dropped to her ankles to reveal her
slim shaved pussy, which she began to rub
immediately. I always guessed she didn’t
wear underwear, and I always fantasized
about what she had under that school girl
outfit she always wore.
But my fantasies did nothing to prepare me
for the beauty that stood before me. She
her small petite body was hard and toned.
She obviously worked out. Her abs were
tight but not cut and masculine. Her breast
were small and perky, with tiny pointy pink
nipples. Her soft slim legs met at a hairless
pussy, swollen and dripping with moisture.
She stood there for a second, staring me in
the eyes, biting her lip nervously. She
positioned her feet over me, then sat down,
guiding my pussy into her sopping box with
a small warm hand. It was tight as hell, and
she moaned loudly as my length slipped
deep inside her. She began to bounce and
grind, shaking her ass on my cock and
playing with Ms. Finch’s big tits .
They caressed each other all over, hands
darting from breast to clit to neck, meeting
in the middle for slurpy kisses all the while.
I feasted on the hot wet snatch grinding on
my lips. My face was soon drenched in the
juices coming from Ms. Finch’s hot box and
it ran down my cheeks and chin. The two
continued to ride me for some time,
pleasuring me and each other in turn. I was
enjoying it a little too much, and needed a
change of position.
My gorgeous English teacher told Kim to lie
down on her back on the desk, and then she
climbed forward and buried her face
between the tight asians thighs. She left her
ass exposed and up in the air, an invitation
for me to give it to her doggy style. I plowed
into her wet pussy and pounded her as hard
as I could, relishing her warm tightness and
the way her face slammed into Kims wet
pussy each time I pounded forward. Kims
legs crossed behind Ms. Finch’s head,
forcing it deep between her thighs.
I reached my hand around and began to
ferociously rub Ms. Finch’s clit sending
shockwaves of pleasure through her body.
Her back arched in pleasure and she
screamed in pleasure, looking back at me.
Our eyes met and eyes were full of lust. I
knew that look, and began to pound her
deep and hard. Her moans were muffled by
Kims pussy.
With my new pace, she attacked Kims slit
with a new ferocity. She slid two fingers
into her tight wet pussy and flicked at her
clit with her tongue. Kim moaned. She slid a
finger into kims asshole, now giving her the
shocker. Kim whimpered, then jammed her
teachers head into her pussy. The room was
full of the sounds of sex: the slapping of my
balls against her slit, the sound of her
slurping on kims pussy, and the soft moans
of kim as she experienced oral pleasure
unlike she ever had before.
A second finger slid in Kims virgin asshole
and Kims moans were audible to a point
that worried me. Ms. Finch reached up and
slipped a few fingers in her mouth, allowing
her to taste her own pussy juice as well as
silencing her. Ms. Finch pushed her self up
and began to suck each of kims small,
pointy pink nipples. Her nimble fingers
penetrated kim down below, and her mouth
moved from nipple to nipple, before moving
upward and meeting kims lips. Watching
from behind I continued to plow away as
the two shared a long wet kiss.
“Ok,” Ms. Finch said as they finally broke
apart. “If you want to join us, there’s one
thing you have to do.” Kim blushed and
nodded shyly.
Positions shifted, and now kim was on her
knees on the desk, her head poised to
munch Ms. Finch’s clit and her ass sticking
up waiting to be pounded. I bent down and
licked her slit up and down, unable to resist
the tightness of her near-virgin pussy.
“Now, fuck her ass . Hard.” Ms. Finch said
“No!” Squealed Kim, but her voice was cut
off on account of being buried inside my
English teacher.
“Yes” she said, gazing deep into my eyes. I
pushed my dick against her tight virgin ass,
and began to slowly push my way in. I felt
the tight muscles of her anus stretch around
my thick cock, and she gasped and tried to
pull her head up, but Ms. Finch wouldn’t let
her. I pushed deeper and deeper inside, until
I could not push in any more. I withdrew,
and then dipped back in. Her asshole
relaxed, so I could slide in and out, but she
was still tighter than anything I had ever
been in.
“Fuck her. Now. Hard.” I began to gain
speed, but she was so tight I was afraid to
really give it to her. “Harder” my teacher
moaned, in ecstasy at the oral she was
receiving. I began to pump harder, and Kim
squealed in protest. Her arms were wrapped
around Ms. Finch’s thighs, her head buried
in snatch. Ms. Finch worked her hands
through Kims black hair, holding her head in
place. “Harder!” She gasped, her face red
and eyes closed.
From beneath I worked a thumb inside Kims,
tight pussy and began to work it back and
for in tune with my vigorous pumping.
“Harder!” Kim screamed pulling her
drenched face out of Ms. Finches pussy and
looking back at me. She was enjoying it, and
I was not about to let her down. I have her
all I could, jamming my rod as deep and
deeper than her ass would allow so rapidly
that her moans became one continuous wail
of pleasure.
I spanked her ass hard on each cheek and
then squeezed and massaged each cheek.
Her moans continued for a short time, but
they ended abruptly into a wet pussy. I was
close to climax now, and my pace quickened
even more. I had seen Ms. Finch cum many
times, and I could tell she was close now as
well. I pounded, she gasped, and kim was in
the center, giving pleasure to all.
nable to control myself, I began to erupt in
orgasm, shooting load after load of creamy
hot cum into Kims asshole. At the exact
same time, sounds of orgasm burst from Ms.
Finch’s lips and I felt a gush of ejaculate
gush from Kims pussy. All three of us came
at the same time.
I pulled my cock out of her ass, and It came
out with a soft plop. She stayed bent down
with her ass up, moaning softly and shaking
with orgasm. Ms. Finch climbed around her
and put her mouth on her now gaping
asshole. With a slurp, she sucked my thick
creamy seed out of Kims asshole. She
pulled her head back, and my cum leaked
both from her mouth and kims ass. She
pulled kims face toward her own and they
made out, sharing my cum, each with a
hand on my cock.
They made out for what seemed like
forever, stroking my cock long after it had
gone soft, until it began to perk up once
again. They began to suck my dick together,
one slurping on my balls while the other
deep throated my cock. The made out with
my tip at the center, then took turns forcing
it as far down their throats as they could.
Although I though I had cum all I could, my
body began to shudder with orgasm once
again. My dick popped out of my teachers
mouth and my cum sprayed all over her
beautiful face and open mouth.
“Oh…” Kim said softly, before sucking my
seed from Ms. Finch’s mouth and rubbing
her perky tits on her face.
“I have always wanted to do that” Ms. Finch
said, panting. Kim giggled. ‘Me too’ I
thought. ‘Me too.’




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