Kogbagidi sends Portable Omolaomi back to trenches [VIDEO]

Portable Omolalomi – More Cash Out

Kogbagidi has finally react to the video of his Artiste Portable towards Poco Lee

Hours ago a video shared by entmediahub was posted by Portable where he called out Poco for ripping him.

A lot was said by Habeeb popularly know as Portable aka Dr Zeh the originator of Zazuu Zehh read here.

Reacting to this, popular promoter Kogbagidi who helped him from scratch sends him packing from his apartment, asking him to go back.

However, according to Kogbagidi, he’s said to be embarrased at this point and can’t continue.



Below is his full words :

Unruly and unprofessional conduct is always expected from upcomings .

You never can tell what goes on in their mind or head .

Am shocked and embarrassed at this point . Do I need to fix your career and your head at the same time ?

What video below :


NOTE : Please rush to Kogbagidi instagram by clicking HERE and beg him on Portable behave, It wouldn’t be cool if he goes back to square one.