Oliver De Coque

Google celebrates late highlife Singer “Oliver De Coque” posthumous birthday with doodle art

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Google honors the posthumous birthday of Oliver De Coque, one of the best musical stars in the field of traditional music (highlife), with a doodle art created by a Nigerian artist

Doodle art by Oliver De Coque can be found on Google website homepage.

The dexterous guitarist was born on April 14th, 1947, and died on June 20th, 2008.

In honor of his significant contributions to African music, Google commissioned Ohab Tbj, a Nigerian artist, to create a doodle to commemorate his posthumous birthday today.

Oliver De Coque


The designer elaborated on this by writing:


Darling, I illustrated a @google Doodle 

It’s a doodle to commemorate the late Oliver De Coque, a Nigerian guitarist and one of Africa’s prolific recording artist, on his birthday today.

OMG This is one my dream project come true and I still can’t believe it!!! 

Today I’m literally googling everything before the day ends 

AD shout out to @helenecleroux 

Go Google everything today too darling! (It’s only live in Nigeria tho) Make sure to click on the Doodle to learn more about Chief Oliver De Coque.”

See the post below: