Daddy Freeze T.B. Joshua's funeral

Daddy Freeze blast top pastors for snubbing T.B. Joshua’s funeral [VIDEO]



Daddy Freeze, a popular on-air personality, blasts top pastors and General Overseers for ignoring Pastor T.B. Joshua’s funeral arrangements

“I am disappointed,” Daddy Freeze says of top pastors ignoring T.B. Joshua’s memorial service (Video)

According to Daddy Freeze, the low turnout of Christians, particularly reputable men of God, at the funeral is disheartening.

He went on to explain why someone of his caliber is not welcome at such gatherings unless formally invited, as the late Pastor T.B. Joshua was highly ranked.

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In his own words;

“Prophet T.B Joshua has been laid to rest. May his soul rest in peace. I worry with the turnout of Christians to this man’s funeral. I worry. If we truly are Christians, every church should have sent a delegation.

I must say I am disappointed whether you like to admit it or not. I am disappointed.

”I am disappointed, disappointed in you all. You have not shown a legacy of love. None of you..I tried to monitor. None of you could wear your clothes and fly your private jets and attend the funeral?

If you ask me and you expect me to be honest, I am entirely disappointed in all the big daddies that we have. You people are our daddies.

If you behave like this, how are we the children going to behave? If we are fighting, it should be during when someone dies. You people have turned gods of Men. He offended you, so?

You don’t know what you have done…especially our daddies.

I am not old enough to attend T.B Joshua’s funeral. T.B Joshua is my father’s mate. Let us tell ourselves the truth. If the family had invited me, of course I would have attended but they do not know me.

I am not on their level. They senior me. Maybe if I had attended his church when he was alive or gone to visit him once, it is different.’

Whether you like to admit it or not, I am disappointed. At least Free nation gave online condolence.

Did we not even dedicate a whole service to him? Whether we agreed with him a hundred percent or we did not, Baba has moved on.

Watch video below : 

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