CEO LAWYER, ALI AWAD feeds the homeless and less privileged

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Ali Awad also known as the “CEO Lawyer” has initiated a food and grocery distribution drive to help feed the homeless and those impacted most by the coronavirus restrictions and lockdown protocols.

The aim of the drive was to raise enough food and grocery supplies to feed at least 500 families and with the help of the community the initiative has so far supported almost five thousand families. The initiative which begin in August has so far fed 4,907 families equivalent to 37,386 individuals in the community.


Ali Awad
Ali Awad

Ali said he was motivated to start this initiative due to the countless families finding it difficult to afford a full meal daily. “I have always believed that investing in people is always the right thing to do” He said. He realized that a lot of families have had their providers laid off from work or furloughed and so are finding it really hard to make ends meet. Also the lockdown measures put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 has forced lots of businesses to either close or cut down their work force.

Mr. Awad said the support from the community has been overwhelming and even though the main aim was to raise groceries and food supplies people have responded tremendously by giving clothes, shoes and sometimes money too. Some of the supplies donated included baby food, cartons of milk, canned tomatoes, canned groceries, bags of rice and packs of noodles.

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