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A Fight For Love 18+








Have you ever heard of two best friends fighting over a guy???
Well it’s true.


Jane and Jessica were two best friends, always together …they love each other so much , they promise never to leave each other alone ..
They even made a besties diary which contains most of their promise and rules for each other.

*rule number 1 always be happy for your Bestie success

*rule number 2 .. Never let go of your Bestie no matter what , not even because of a guy

*rule number 3 …we must both have the same enemy ( my enemy must be your enemy)

*rule number 4..never hide your crush from your Bestie

*Rule number 5 ..no one can know your secret apart from your Bestie

Rule number 6 ..whenever they both had issues , no one else can settle it, but they themselves and it must be with a cup of ice cream 😋😋
rule number 7 you can’t have another Bestie apart from me
*rule number 8 ..your best friend must be the first to know when you are in love

*rule number 9 …your best friend must be the first to wish you a happy birthday

*lastly rule number 10 ..never fall in love with your Bestie ex.

These are their rules… But what happen when there is a division caused by love.

When Jane fell in love with Jessica Ex.
She claim she doesn’t love the guy anymore but deep down she still does.
But how will she take it when she found out her own Bestie is in love with the same guy she loves.

Find out the power of love and obsession in this story!!
Find out the risk some can take just because of love .


🧡Jane and Jessica POV💚💚

Hurray!!! we both screamed as the party was getting more spiced up with the DJ giving in different song…
Jessica: This is the best summer ever
Jane: of course its true but its over now, first thing tomorrow we will resume school
Jessica: yes but am just gonna enjoy this party now….

🧡Author POV 🎶🎶🎶
As the party was still going on, the light goes off , then came up again but this time it was showing different colours ..
A group of guys entered the party..
everyone was like 😯😯😯
The guys were four in number, the first is taller than the rest..
his hair is grey and black, he looks very cute , his eyes were very dark making him so attractive.., he had a jean and shirt on.
he walks in majestically with the other two guys following behind.
everyone turn including Jane and Jessica.
some girls speak silently
“I wish he was mine”
“oh my gosh..he is so cute
” I love him…

The devil is here, I so much hate..he’s such a bad player…Jessica said
“I also hate him but don’t let him spoil your mood now , remember today is the end of summer break, so let’s have our fun…Jane said
” yes that’s true..I can’t let that good for nothing player spoil my mood..I said and continue dancing with Jane . But I can’t just get my eyes off him, he look more cute tonight..
we were both staring at each other , then I began to think what if we haven’t break up , I would have be his date tonight .
I wish we were still together.
I was still lost in thought when Jane brought me back to life
“hey jess , are you OK?? ..Jane asked
” oh ..oh .emm.oh..am fine , what’s it??..I asked
“hey , were you thinking about him??…Jane asked
” he..him..oh common ..am thinking about him OK, so tell what’s up…I said even I knew I was d–n lying …I just broke the rules ” NO LIES ”
” Actually , Ally was waving at you…Jane said
“common Jane you know I hate that guy…who cares about his waving, common let’s continue with our fun…I said
Ally is one of guys that have been disturbing me but d–n it , I hate him so much.
As the party goes on..I was still looking at him but secretly so that Jane won’t catch me looking at him
All of a sudden , a girl just went straight to where he was sitting , sat on his laps and started kissing..
‘piper that’s her name, I hate her so much she is the famous w—e of our school, always throwing herself at any guy…and right now I feel like strangling her .
I was still watching them , expecting him to push her away or stop the kiss but instead he enjoyed it as he grab the girl’s butt so tight and squeeze while the useless girl just moan out..

” Jane common let’s go …I said as I drag Jane out of the party Hall..
“common jess, what is it..why did you drag me out that way, what’s wrong.. Jane asked the moment we step outside
” nothing, we should just go so that we won’t get drunk again..I said
“are you OK best…Jane asked
” of course I am…I replied
“I hope its not what am thinking ..Jane said
I smiled then said ” No its not, remember I told you it is over between us then..so I meant it, I don’t love him again and I will never love…I said
“are you sure there is no secret.. remember the RULES.. Jane said
” of course I remember, common let’s go now..I said as I drag Jane’s hand.

(within me)
All these is because of you Albert, you made me lie to my friend, I hate you , I hate you so much . ..

getting home that night, I was d–n tired..
“I wonder what’s wrong with me ”
“why am I still concerned about Albert..
he is such a player and a cheater..
” I Jessica hart promise never to feel anything for him again…
I said within me and landed on the bed..
“oh my poor Jane…she was all worried because of me..I just can’t wait for tomorrow , so that we will continue our school pranks..
seriously a day without my Bestie is really bad for me.

(next morning)

I was on the bed all shivering ..
oh my God, I think am feeling sick..
oh no!! not today…
why !!!…
I was still on the bed when danny came in…my younger bro
” ain’t you gonna get ready for school… he said then he noticed I was shivering
oh my God..you catch a cold..he said and immediately rushed downstairs to call my mom
few minutes later my mom entered my room
“common mom..am good its just a cold , I will be fine..I said but I think my mom is not buying that..
” No Darling… no school for you today..we are going to the hospital… my mom said
“oh God..how will Jane feel..we always resume school together and how manage I even got sick..
” no mom..I will be fine..I said trying to persuade my mom to let me go…
“no sweetheart… no school for u today..and that’s final..she said and left

I was staring at danny like I should kill him..if Haven’t told mom , I would have plans on how to escape …but no he just ruin everything… and all thanks to him Jane and I always resumed together.
And some students are found of teasing her..who is gonna protect her now?
” stop looking at me that way..I never caused your sickness… danny said and was about leaving when I dragged him back..
“please make sure you look after Jane at school, you know how she can be …
please sssss!!!.. I said
” OK fine…you are the boss…danny said and we both laughed then we heard the door bell…
we both said together ” its Jane “…
I rushed downstairs to meet her…
” wow wow..what’s happening …are u not going to school…she said
“No…I fell sick this morning and mom insists I shouldn’t go …I was still talking when I sneezed…
” oh sorry best but you know a day without you will really be boring…Jane said looking sad
“common now…danny is here, have instructed him to look out for you…I said and we both smiled .
” OK bye…gat to go now ..greet mrs hart( my mom)…Jane said
“OK bye…love you…I said as I watch she and Danny leaving.

At school I was really feeling nervous…
this is the first time Jessica and I didn’t resume together..I enjoyed it when we are always together.. we play pranks on people especially on jolly the bully..he is so scared of Jessica after the prank she played on him , ever since then he has promise yo take revenge but Jessica always play smart than him.
everyone was staring at me …then jolly the bully came from no where and pull my hair….
” oh my god…I exclaim with fear..
“what’s that for…Danny said
” common shut up you brat…jolly the bully said
“hey you where your body guard friend…. I mean your hero friend ….he said and everyone started laughing..
I tried to ignore him..
” common Danby let’s go , just let him be …I said and was about leaving when jolly dragged my bag and I fell down my school skirt fly up and my pants almost showing …then everyone started laughing.
I bow my face in shame and started crying that moment I wished Jessica was here…
“hey common stand up..robot..jolly said again and the laughter became so loud , I still didn’t raise my head up …
then suddenly I heard some punches… like two people fighting
I raised up my face only to see jolly on the floor with his face covered with bruise..
then I looked up … I saw Albert…
he stretch his hands that I should grab it and stand up…
I was just looking dumb …I was so confuse, then it became dawn on me that he defended me..
” common take my hands …he said in the coolest voice ever…
I looked at him and was about taking his hands when I remembered rule number 3 ” MY ENEMY MUST BE YOUR ENEMY”

Then I withdrew my hands and stand up on my own…he was looking surprised but I scoffed at him and left.
“no matter what happens I will never break our Bestie rules..






#jane POV

Immediately I got to the class everyone were staring at me like am a celebrity..making me feel awkward.
seriously I don’t know how to feel..
am i to feel happy because Albert helped me or I should feel bad because my best friend enemy helped me..
right now am just so confused.
few minutes later Albert also entered the class, he stared at me for some minutes and went straight to his seat.
I just ignore everyone as I stare aimlessly at my book. but still i couldn’t just forget the incident that just took place..
This is not the first time Albert has helped me . when we were stills kids and we were friends ..he always protect me like my Knight, he always fight for me but then when he and Jessica became a thing.
everything just changed..
then the break up and all the rest, am just confuses right now , I can’t wait for break so I could get out of this place and maybe get a soda to cool my nerves.

Soon it was break , I quickly rushed outside to avoid seeing Albert.
But as I was going out walking through the hall way I heard some voices in class..I stopped to m listen because it sound like some group of guys having an argument. That’s when I found out it was Albert and his crew of friends..
“I said stop OK…Albert yelled
” why , are you gonna use her to get close to her friend again..a voice said
“No!! you guys should just stop all these..I only helped her because jolly is such a bully and he has no right to bully any girl in such a way.. Albert said
” oh really!! are you sure or you just wanna use her to get Jessica back…Another voice said and there was roar of laughter and immediately I left there..

“so he wants to use me to get close to Jessica right! but he has just failed , I won’t let him hurt my friend again..i said and left.

After school I head straight to Jessica house..
I know by now. Danny must have given her the full details of what happen today but I hope she doesn’t see it in the wrong way.

” hey best…I said
“hi..Jessica replied kinda dull
” hey watsup.. I asked
“what happened today at school… Jessica asked
” umm..nothing much just that jolly tried to bully me again ad usual …
“And what next…Jessica interrupted almost immediately
” I was quite for some seconds then said ” And Albert helped me..but trust me best, nothing serious happen after that..i did not even talk to him..I just snub him and left.
“ok best..I believe you but avoid him …Jessica said and I nodded in agreement.

later in the night, my eyes were fixed on the ceiling, I just couldn’t sleep.
the incident at school keep glaring to my face.
d–n it!!!
” common Jane…he just helped you and that’s all nothing too important about it remember your Bestie first ( my subconscious snapped)
but I hope am doing the right thing , making enemy with someone just because my Bestie hates that person.. I just hope am doing the right thing..
Jane POV

I was really happy because I and Jessica resumed today , though I resumed yesterday but the joy that we both came to school together was so great.
yesterday I really missed her.
we were still chatting while coming but immediately we entered the school building the first person we saw was Albert..
God!!! why can’t he just disappear…
the truth be said ..whenever I see him , my heart always skipped and I don’t know the reason.

I noticed Jessica face the moment she saw Albert..
though her expression I can’t really say but it look like they have eye to eye contact , and the look on Jessica is kinda confusing, she wasn’t staring at him like someone she really hates but I don’t just understand.
And looking at Albert, is like he was staring at me and not Jessica…
” wait am I the only one who noticed it or Jessica also did???
I just couldn’t take it anymore..immediately I tap Jessica shoulder
“common let’s go now…I said and we left.

” Jessica POV

while staring at Albert the other time, I noticed he wasn’t looking at me but st Jane..
“but why??
what does he really wants?
and also I can’t hide the fact that I was jealous when I caught him staring at Jane , I just hope that what am thinking doesn’t happen..
” common Jessica… Jane is your Bestie, stop thinking that way…my subconscious snapped at me.
“but the fact is that there is something in that Albert looks or does it have to do with yesterday incident..
” d–n it ..why did I miss yesterday…
its all mom’s fault And also Danny..

we were in the class when mr Frank entered..
he announced to us that the school social activities program will soon commence and this time the are gonna fix people into different social clubs and groups…

Every year , I and Jane always get to work together in the same group except for last year when Jane audition for the drama club but the members were filled already , so she remained in the music club…I just pray nothing changes this year…
I can’t wait to take the solo this year also…it always feels good when I lead.

One week after resumption… everything was going on smoothly… then the list for the social activities program came out..
every other club list is out except for the drama club list..
I and Jane together checked the list , I found my name ..it was on the music club list…and I was so happy , we also try to find Jane name but it wasn’t there , even the other lists that came out…
that was really weird but Jane seems happy
“oh my god…that means am gonna be in the drama club this year…Jane exclaimed
” yea…that’s true…I said but not with happiness
“hey …why are u sad…Jane asked
” nothing its just that we won’t be in the same club this year…i said
“common best that doesn’t mean anything… you ought to be happy for me because am finally gonna be in my dream club… Jane said
And that’s true…Jane actually live acting than singing …that’s not the problem , the problem is ????







I was so excited knowing fully well that am gonna be in the drama club.
I just can’t wait to see the list.

my minds all get ready as I picture how my rehearsals are gonna be and also if I get the opportunity to take the lead character..
Then it became dawn on me that Albert is also in the same group.
every year he is always in the drama club, he is so good at acting , he acts so real .
I remembered when he acted romeo in the play Romeo and Juliet …
he did so well that he was given an award..
oh my god…this is really gonna be awkward.
God please help me.
finally the long awaited list came out …
during break period I drag Jessica as we together went to the bill board to check the list.
there we met Albert and his friends laughing as they also checked the list.

“hey man…this year is gonna be great , imagine having your ex girlfriend Bestie as your female lead …acting the same play with u…one of Albert friend named kelvin said
” oh my god…I exclaimed within me and quickly rushed to where the list is paste…
oh god…I found my name on the list and also Albert name..
he is the male lead character and my the female one…that means we are gonna work hand to hand..

“can you see for yourself… get ready to be kissed and loved…. one of Albert friend said and they all laughed..
immediately I turn back to look for Jessica but she was no where to found…
oh my god..she left angrily.
I quickly ran after her
” common jess…hold on..I said but she didn’t replied.
she made her way to the wash room , before I could get there she close the door..
“common best , please open the door..its just a drama club and nothing more…I pleaded as I hit the door but still no reply..
” OK best , should I quit , I will just go to mr frank and tell him I don’t want to be in any group… I said then I heard her unlock the door…
I quickly rushed inside..
“look best..everything is gonna be OK and besides you guys are not dating anymore, so why all this…I asked feeling so concerned and confused..
” look Jane if you still want to be my best , then you have to stay away from Albert, and when I mean stay away , I meant stay away …..Jessica said and I was so shock… what does she implies
“look jess…this is just about social activities and nothing more, please let me stay in this club , I can’t just remain without club… you know everyone is fixed into one club or the other…I said hoping to convince her
” suit yourself then ….jess said and left
I stood there in the toilet for some minutes wondering what came over jess.
“is she still in love with Albert?
” and if yes why is she hiding it and why do I always have to be the one to sacrifice something in order for her to be happy?
All these were in my head, I washed my face and came out of the wash room when I met Albert , he was standing very close to toilet door..
I tried to ignore but block me and said.
“do you know its really weird that we are both in the same club and we will be working together… he said .
I looked at him and scoff then was about leaving when he made another statement..
” why did u hate me? remember those times you do call me your knight in the armour , why did u change , why did everything change??… he asked ..
those questions really struck me and I almost cried, I turn back and look at him straight in the eyes then said
” why did you hurt my best friend?…
he looked at me and said ” I never hurt her …
“really??..I asked
” yes, I did not hurt her , when the right time come , I will explain everything to you…he said and was about leaving when he stopped and said ” always do what makes you happy, pursue your dreams and do not let your best friend take over your life….he said and finally left.
“what did he mean by that…anyways my best friend isn’t controlling my life so its none of his business..

” oh my god…where is jess? I muttered as I ran quickly to look for her, we both need to sort out some things…
the rules ain’t for nothing and no secrets to be hidden..

I was at the school garden sobbing…
what’s wrong with me?
why am I feeling this way
OK its true…I still love Albert
yes I still love him,
each time I see him , I felt like hugging him.
ever since we were kids he has been my crush, though he has this strong connection for Jane but it surprised me when he asked me out after our fifth grade graduation .
And then in seven grade we broke up just because of my silly mistake .
Ever since then we never talked, but deep inside me I still want me .
And I can’t just tell Jane because Jane has tried so many times to make our relationship work but I refused saying its over just because of my ego.
And now my greatest fear that I have been avoiding , is right in my face…
Albert and Jane together…
oh my god!!!
I was still lost in thought when my subconscious appeared to me( my spirit)

“common Jessica… you know joining the drama club is your friend greatest dream, so why are u selfish”???…. she said
” I stood up scared… who are you and who told you , I am selfish, you know nothing OK…I said
“of course I knew everything… you are scared that Albert will for Jane again because he truly love Jane and not you, remember you manipulated him into asking you out. she said
” you liar… he love me and not Jane…I yelled back..
“OK fine, if you claim he loves you , then why are u scared, why don’t allow your friend to act the play with him, why not support your Bestie…. she said
” of course I will support her…I yelled…
“OK then we shall see, I will hear what you will tell Jane because she is on her way here, make sure you support her like you said, like you said, like you said ( it echoed and she disappear)…
I was startled and also scared at the same moment , just then Jane came and said
” I know you would be here…she said and I turn back almost immediately , scared and looking startled..
“what’s wrong jess?.. she asked
” ummmm …nothing and about the other time , am really sorry OK…go ahead and join the group its OK by me…I said
Jane opened her mouth in amazement but I quickly manage to fake a smile so that she won’t notice anything.
“common Jane you are my friend and am meant to be happy for you and also support , so that’s what am doing… OK, am surely fine with it OK….I said
” wow!!! really!!, thanks jess you don’t know what this means to me… am so happy to finally have you back…Jane said and hugged me , I also manage to hug her back but within me only God knows what am feeling.
I quickly disengage from the hug and said
“look Jane , I think am having an head ache…please I want to go home….I said
” really but its not yet school over…jane said
“yea , I know but am not feeling too well , I think is the reaction of the drugs…I said as an excuse …
” OK …should I follow you …Jane said
“no …you stay, I will totally be fine OK…stay so you won’t miss out your rehearsal…. I said trying to be nice.
” OK but please take care , immediately we close , I will rush down to your house…Jane said…
“OK thanks…so let’s go so I will take the permission slip ….I said and we both left.









Jessica’s behavior was really weird though…but am still happy that I have my Bestie back…All I know is that I can’t ruin my relationship with jess all because of Albert…he’s not worth it .

I also I can’t hide the fact that am happy and at the same time anxious that am gonna be joining the drama group rehearsal today…its feel really good.

The moment I heard the bell for social activities …
I rushed out as quick as possible…
went straight to my locker, arranged my books and close it back then started going…
Just two meters to the hall…I met Albert…I tried to ignore because right now , have made up my mind to pretend as if he doesn’t exit in the group ….
but just then I heard his cool voice…
“Jane …he called out but I don’t wanna give a d–n but it …am still head on going..
” common wait for me please.. he pleaded but I wasn’t sure I really wanna talk to him..then I heard his heels touching the ground so fast …I knew he was trying to catch up with me …
but for heaven sake why can’t he just let me be…

finally he got to my side and just the moment as I was about to pull my leg over the hedge of the door leading to the hall…I tripped and fell straight unto his body and on his arm…
I was there like that from some second then he turned me around and look straight into my eyes.. as some of my hair fall right to my face…he shift them backward behind my ear with his hand …and that’s why I became conscious and lose his grip off me…
really I don’t know what to say…
I can’t be rude and at the same time I can’t be nice, I just left immediately and entered the hall leaving him there.

when I entered… I saw some people I probably would never like because jess doesn’t like them..
I just ignore some faces and made straight to find a seat …
not quite long he also came in , he stared at me for some seconds and also went over to grab some seat…
almost immediately too…mr frank together with miss Claire came in…

“Good day guy!!! mr frank greeted
” good day sir… we all chorused
mr frank look around for some second and the moment he land his eyes on me…he smiled and said ” Jane path… good to see you here, you really deserve to be here because your audition last year was wow…but too bad it came late…and now you are here…he said
“thanks sir…
” now guys let go over to business… he said and we all smiled…
mr Frank is always like that..always jovial but can be mean at times…
he is in charge of the school social activities and especially the drama club.
“so today for everyone was present last year and for those who are new…am gonna break down some rules which must be followed by everyone… he said
1. no late coming
2. always be serious
3. no excuse for missing rehearsal except if it a genuine reason
4. be discipline
5. follow your script diligently
6. Act real… he said and paused for a while and then continued…
when I say Act real…I meant that you show portrayed the character given to you in a reality form..
Then he called unto I and Albert..
” Jane , Albert… you two come forward..
“Now guys look at this…am gonna give them a scene and they will act it just exactly as I want it and it gonna show some of you what acting real means…

” Now Albert and Jane …you two are gonna kissed each other like two separated lovers who now found themselves and still realized they are in love….he said and I choked in my throat…
“what!!!!….I exclaimed…
” mr Frank look at me in bewilderment …I had this expression on his face that I clearly don’t understand… but before I could utter another word , I felt Albert lips slam on mine…
immediately I closed my eyes…
Jane _POV

before I could say another word Albert slam his lips against mine…
At first it feels weird and I wanted to push him back but then the feelings of the touch of his lips on mine was what I can’t explain..
no matter how I really wants to push , something held me as u allow my lips to have the full taste of his lips…
his taste was nice that I wish it never end…
he kiss so passionately like we were actually lovers who have been separated for long but now found themselves.
Just as I still in his arm and kissing …then the thought of Jessica flashed on my mind ..
“Gosh…what am I doing…
and then it was like ..am hearing jess voice up in my head
” stay away from him.”

oh my god… what have I done .
just as the guilt of betraying my friend covered me up , same was the thought of kissing Albert the best…

now its like my mind and heart are Waring against each other…
not knowing what to do..I just allow the kiss go on as long as it could …and then this when we heard mr frank “CUT”
and we disengage…
I was staring at Albert with the look …I myself don’t understand
“should I be mad at him for stealing or taking my first kiss without my permission ?
” or should I hate myself for betraying my own Bestie!!
Am just so confused ..

“wow!!! that was great and real…like you guys were the real character…
And Jane ..that was a good start…you will be great I see…mr frank said and I just nod and fake a smile..
my eyes were still on Albert and he was also looking at me…like he was feeling kinda guilty ..but right now I don’t know who should feel guilty between us both…
All through he rehearsal as was as dull like never…
even when the script was shared I never knew until a girl beside me tap me to go take mine …..

immediately we finished ..I rushed out quickly to avoid any sort of teasing and questioning from anyone and most importantly to avoid seeing Albert…
each time I trace my eyes to him..two different feelings arouse in me…
one is betraying my best friend and the other is being kissed by your secret crush…
” gosh!!!!!!
I quickly made way to the washroom as am already sweating….

I opened the tap and pour water on my face…
I washed my face several times …
I stood at the mirror looking at the confused being I now become…
two images keep flashing through my mind
Jessica and Albert
“what’s happening to me …I said it like almost three times not caring who heard me or not ….right now I just need to someone to tell me what’s wrong or right in what I did…And just then I heard the washroom door opened …and I heard a voice who said ” nothing is wrong with you.
I turned and the person I saw shock the hell out of me…







#jane POV

The person i saw shock the hell out of me..

Albert!!! i said ..he didn’t say anything but move closer to me
“stop right there!!….I said aloud..he stopped immediately and looked straight into my eyes..then said
” why are you doing this??..he asked
“I should be asking you that??…I replied immediately
he started moving closer again..this time my eyes were swollen…
I don’t wanna cry in Hus presence..
the guilt of betraying my Bestie and deeply hurting myself… is eating me up..
” why did you start the kiss?.. I asked as a drop of tear fell off my eyes..
he stopped and looked at me..
“I don’t know …he said
” you don’t know but you stole my first kiss…I replied harshly..
“Jane calm down,you are hurting yourself ..he said the moment he saw my eyes all red..
” Albert for crying out why are you doing this, why are you hurting me, why did you hurt my Bestie , why are in my life??? this time I said yelling with tears rushing from my eyes…
“because I love you!! I love you !! I love you!!… those word echoed in my ear…
i move a little not from the hand wash and was about running because right now I can’t bare it…
” NO,NO!!!… this is not happening… I said trying to run out but he grab me and held me back..
“Jane you have to listen to me please..
” yes I know I hurt Jessica but I never loved her, its you that I love and Jessica knows it all along …you know the very day I asked jess out , it was you I had in mind but then I met jess who told me that I shouldn’t ruin the friendship that exist between the both of us because you told her that you can’t date for now and that you aren’t ready …
“so I decided to listen to her and end up asking her out but trust I don’t even know how it happens but all I know is that I love you Jane…he said ..
I looked at in him in shock…
” is this really happening??
all what am hearing are they true??

“and do you know when I broke up with jess , she told me she was with it and that its OK by her…please Jane believe me , if not for anything please for the sake that we were once Bestie and I have never lied to you…please Jane from my heart I truly love you….he said and release his grip from my hand..
I was speechless and dump like ever..
I couldn’t find any word, my mouth all sealed up..
what should I do
confused like am lost..
then he said ” please Jane you will always be in my heart no matter what, even if you turn me down now , I will always love you ..but I really Want to tell you is that “please choose to be happy for once, don’t always sacrifice your happiness for the sake of others..just do what’s right …he said and left.
While going home…Albert voice began to echoed in my head..
right now I don’t know what to do..
on one hand I felt like am the worst Bestie ever and on the other hand I think its time for to be happy ..
yes have always put jess my happiness all in the name of not breaking oh relationship and Bestie promises… but right now I don’t know which one to do..

Then it became dawn on me that I promised to check on jess after school..
should I go or not???

I was outside the compound when I saw Jane heading towards my building ..she look worried , her face looks dull..
oh god what happen.
on one hand am thinking of way to let go of my feelings for Albert and be true to my Bestie for once and here is another thing. I wonder what the problem is

“hey Jane…how are you?.. I asked smiling widely
” I can see ..you are good now..she said
“yes ..I am , I took some drugs the moment I got home…I said
” oh thats good to know…she said and kept quite…
the silence remained for some seconds and its really making me feel weird..so I decided to break the silence but before I could say a word..Jane said something which really caught my attention

“we kissed …she said sternly without looking at my face and that moment I knew she was talking about Albert…
my brows raised …I looked at her ..really don’t know what to say..so to confirmed from her I asked
” who did you kiss…??…I asked ..this time we were both staring at each other
“Albert and I kissed.. she said
” what the heck!!! I screamed
“how could you…how dare u betray me, remembered our rules… I kept yelling , though I don’t really understand how the words were coming out, I really wished I could prevent them from coming but no..they were just coming put freely like a rehearsed script..
” you are the worst Bestie ever, you betrayed me ..I know you clearly to stay away from him , but you didn’t …I hate you…I hate you Jane…you are the worst ever…i said all through but Jane just stood still…
“why the hell are you looking at me like that? I asked
” because I want to really see the person you are and not the person you have being pretending to be…she said and stop then continued.. “you know have trusted you blindly for all these years, you pretended you are good and perfect but no…you are a bad person..
” tell me why are you angry because I kissed Albert?.. he never liked you and you know that and you were also aware that’s he was my biggest crush but no you lied to him when he wanted to ask me out.. he told him that I told you I wasn’t ready for relationship…but did I ever tell u such thing?… you always have the best and each and everything time I keep sacrificing my happiness just to make you happy. you lied that he cheated on you just to make me hate him ,you even tried to make me quit the drama group all because of your obsession over Albert…
Now let’s forget about Albert , let’s talk about us..
you call me the worst right but you are the devil here, you are the betrayal, the back stabber .
why didn’t I get this that you made those Bestie rules just to make me do your wishes…but now jess its over… I hate you more than you hate me…jane said with tears all over her..
I haven’t seen her this angry..then she brought our friendship bracelet the one we shared from little… she brought it out and cut it then left..

as I watched my Bestie leaving… I sat down the field with tears in my eyes…

then my subconscious appeared to me again…

“so why did you betrayed your Bestie?
” I told you ,u did not love her..she said
“no I love her , I love my Bestie so much…
” why are you fighting for love or should I say obessesion because love is always pure and will never hurt…she said
yes I admit have made a mistake , I know have hurt her feelings but I still love her..
” OK what should I do…to make up..
apologize to her, tell her you are sorry ..let go of your obsession and ego and a true friend once…




I went home that night I cried all through, my eyes were swollen …
I can’t believe jess would betray me…and also am confused I don’t know if I should confess my love for Albert… I really love him but have been hiding it for years now …all in the name of that I don’t want to hurt my Bestie.
its been one week now..have been avoiding Jessica, I don’t even wanna talk to her and also Albert have not been seeing him around…And all thanks to Mr frank..rehearsal have not been holding lately …so am all alone…
but within me I really wish I could see Albert and pour out my heart to him.

During break I went to the café to get a soda…

“hey…I heard the voice and I turned, it was jess. immediately I stood up and was about leaving..
” common Jane…am really sorry ..please remember our rules …we promise to always forgive each other…jess said and I laughed
“which rules, the one you abused and kept secrets from me all along…I said and started going..
” yes I admit have made the mistake but please forgive me and let’s start over…I promise I will never turn down your trust… she said
“trust??.. trust is difficult to earn jess…I said
” yes I know …please forgive me, I know I was a mess but please am sorry and I really miss you ..Jessica said as she brought out chocolate cake forward…she knows that’s my favourite…
please sssssss….she pleaded… I looked at her and smile, I grab the chocolate from her and hug her..
“I miss you too….I said
” I love you Jane…she said
“I love you too…I replied.

finally I have my Bestie back remaining my love…well for now I don’t know what will happen , am just happy my Bestie is back .

Three days later after I and Jessica made up…I was in my room upstairs when mom called me and told me that Jessica is looking for me…
I quickly rushed down to meet her
” hey jess…watsup …any plans for today…I said because its weekend already..
yea, but first someone is here to see you…. jess said
“who?… I asked
then he walked in…..
Albert!!! I said
” hi…he said
just then Jessica left us leaving the two of us…
Al..Albert …what are u doing here?…I asked
“Am here for us…to talk about us…you and I….he said , I just stare at him , he move closer to me..
” Jane I really love you…please give us a chance…he said while holding my shoulder…
I was just looking at him straight in his eyes…
right now am so confused, should I be happy or not
“Albert are you sure about this?? I asked
” yes am sure, just give me this chance and I promise not to hurt you ….he said..then my eyes move straight to his lips and his cute eyes , I literally scan his face all through… then I realized how madly am in love with this guy..
“I love you….I hugged him and whisper it into his ear…
he smiled and hugged me so tight..
” thanks Jane, thanks for giving me a chance…he said..

“so what did you whisper in his ear…Jessica said , making us both to turn …and then I began to feel shy..
” common stop that Jane… am just kidding and you…she said looking at Albert, “if you hurt my Bestie , trust me ,you will get it from me…Jessica said and we all laughed.

#Jessica POV

sometimes we need to understand the difference between love and obsession . And also sometimes we should try and put our ego above ourselves and consider others.
you don’t know how you’ve secretly hurt someone close to u just because of ego and obsession.

I almost ruin my friendship with Jane because I never knew what true love means…
love is not obsessed, neither is it hurtful nor will always think only about itself …but it always consider the feelings of others …

And thank god I was able to learn my lesson before its too late…

I also lived happily without having to worry about Jane getting close to Albert..
I actually discover those two are meant for each other and I wish them the best.
That’s what true best friend always do…
they usually look out for each other..and am glad that I realized that before its too late…
The End


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