Gambling in land-based or virtual casinos is more popular today than ever before.

In addition to normal people, there are also some celebrities who enjoy gambling very much.

Well, they are also people who enjoy a casino thrill and have great financial opportunities for gambling. Moreover, especially actors can perfectly use their trained skills in the casino.

For sure, there are also more celebrities who like to challenge their luck but prefer to play discreetly in online casinos.

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But who are the stars who enjoy visiting the real casinos and desire gambling?


The Hollywood star Charlie Sheen also had a great penchant for casinos. But Charlie Sheen is also said to have invested some of his money in sports betting.

This is said to have led so far that he has become addicted to gambling.

However, he himself claims that he no longer engages in gambling of any kind.


Actor Ben Affleck is also known for regularly going to the casino to gamble.

According to his own statement, he enjoys playing and blackjack.

He has already experienced great successes as well as heavy defeats. On one evening, Affleck allegedly played blackjack with a stake of $60,000 per hand and later left the casino with a profit of over $800,000.

At the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas, however, Ben Affleck has been banned from the premises because he was caught counting cards while playing blackjack.

In his second passion, poker, he has also won the California Poker Championship. Ben Affleck still regularly participates in many poker tournaments.


The American acting star Tobey Maguire, who became known and famous mainly for his role in Spiderman, is now a professional poker player and regularly plays in the major poker tournaments and sometimes with great success.

Among other things, he won the famous World Series of Poker, which is held at regular intervals in Las Vegas.

According to rumors, Tobey Maguire has already collected prize money of over 10 million US dollars through poker.


Tiger Woods is one of the most successful and at the same time probably the most famous golfer in the world.

In his professional career, he has been able to win prize money in the high millions.

It is known that Tiger Woods likes to play blackjack in the casino in his free time. Therefore, he was and is a regular visitor of the casino “Mansion” in Las Vegas.


One of the most famous American soul singers and songwriters Gladys Knight was also known for her love of gambling and sports betting. Her favorite game was the card game baccarat.

Since she also did not have her gambling behavior under control, she gambled away several thousand US dollars in the casino in the course of her life.

After years of excessive gambling, Gladys Knight later admitted to herself that she was addicted to gambling.


The British boy band “One Direction”, known and popular especially among teenagers, also hit the headlines again and again due to their regular visits to casinos.

They loved to play blackjack and roulette.

In the casino “The Palms” in Las Vegas, the entire band is even banned from the house, because they had participated in gambling there, although they had not yet reached the minimum age of 21 years.


Probably the best basketball player of all time, who celebrated huge successes in his career with the Chicago Bulls, is also known to go to the casino from time to time.

There he loves to play craps and poker. In addition, Jordan was also known to bet on the craziest things with friends or teammates, sometimes with huge amounts.

For example, he is said to have played the well-known game “Scissors, Rock, Paper” with his friends with a bet of 100,000 US dollars per round.


Basketball player Allen Iverson, who played for the Philadelphia 76ers and Denver Nuggets, among others, and is considered one of the best NBA players of all time, also visited casinos regularly.

This was probably mainly due to the fact that he earned over 200 million dollars in his career.

Anyway, there are only a few stars who admit they are keen on gambling. For sure, there are many more famous people who like to spend their time with poker cards or in front of casino slots.