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2face calls out NCDC for frustrating travelers

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Innocent Ujah Idibia, also known as 2face aka “2baba,” a Nigerian musician, criticizes the Nigerian Center For Disease Control (NCDC) for frustrating travelers

Following the pandemic, the federal government made the COVID-19 test a mandatory component for travelers.

Following the development, Nigerians have expressed their dissatisfaction with the Agency’s workers’ inability to provide prompt services to travelers.

In a related development, 2baba lashed out at the Agency for irritating him and other travelers who had important errands and business dealings to do in a video posted to his Instagram account on Wednesday.

The singer was enraged, claiming that after demanding a large sum of money from travelers, the NCDC is nowhere to be found, despite the fact that people fly every second.

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In Tuface words :

“NCDC you people better wake up because you’re causing serious problems and hardship for people traveling.

“You keep requesting for ransoms and codes from travelers yet your workers are nowhere to be found even when they know that people travel everyday.

“Agency that knows that people travel every second will close, even when they are called nobody answers.

“It’s ridiculous that the NCDC compulsory COVID19 arrival test portal collects 50k per passenger and fails to deliver QR code.

“Passengers are stranded at the airport, business and personal commitments messed up.

“This NCDC scam and extortion must stop because this is wickedness and its very frustrating,”.